Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Haleigh-Bug

    January 14th, 2011 was a day that changed our lives forever. Our little girl was born at 1:24am. A little girl who a year before we weren’t even sure we’d be able to have. A little girl who we had no idea how much we could possibly love. A little girl, who in my mind, is perfect.
    The day after Mother’s day, we got a positive on a pregnancy test. A week before I had tested and it was a negative. I was only taking this test to confirm not being pregnant so we could start our fourth cycle of Clomid. What an amazing surprise on May 10th, 2010 at 5am to get a positive.

    On May 24th we got our very first ultrasound. I was 7 weeks pregnant and all we could see was a little bean with a very strong heartbeat. The sight of her little heart beating made me break down in tears!
     At our 9 week ultrasound we could start to see Haleigh forming in to a baby shaped baby!

    The 13 week ultrasound was amazing! Look out our little girl (who we had no idea was a little girl yet)! We could see her arms, legs, spine, and cute little nose.

    August 31st we found out we were having a girl! Dreams of pink rooms and frilly dresses filled our minds.

    When we were 36 weeks pregnant we were granted one more ultrasound (besides the one they do right before I had her)
    Due to, what I’m convinced was, my Doctors being tired of me being pregnant I was told I was going to be induced on Jan 12th, our due date. I had been told at the Doctor’s office that they would probably induce me in a few days. However, on my way home I got a phone call saying “how about tomorrow?” When I hung up the phone I shed a few tears. I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I took myself and my grandmother by surprise. It wasn’t a scared overwhelmed it was a very happy overwhelmed.
    We went in on the 12th in the early evening to be induced. I was excited and anxious. I wasn’t nervous at all just anxious to meet my little one. If I remember right, one of my best friends said “it’ll go quick, don’t worry” not so much.

    I started my pitocin on the 12th, I got my epidural in the early morning on the 13th and slept pretty much all of the 13th.

    Most of the 13th is a complete blur to me. I could feel some tightening but not a whole lot and not at all until after my doctor had broken my water. The delivery went great, I was told I was awesome. Again it’s all a blur. I didn’t get to have Haleigh put right on my chest, which is something that makes me sad, but I understand why they had to take her away right away. In the delivery room with me was Tyrone and my mom. They were such amazing coaches! They helped me remember to breath and push. So amazing! I was so glad when I finally got to hold our little one. She is perfect. Just perfect. I have no words to describe how much I love her.
    I can’t believe it’s already been a year. My baby has been with us for a full year now! Where did the time go? Everyone told us “time will fly” and boy they weren’t kidding. I spend every day with Haleigh and I still can’t figure out when she went from this tiny little baby who needed me for everything to a *gasp* toddler! My baby is a toddler!
    What can a 12-15 month old do?
* Explore environment, cruise or take a few steps
*Use words with meaning
*Points with index finger (Oh goodness, this little one points at me and gives me, what I can only describe as, lectures)
*Be off bottle/drink from a sippy cup. - She still drinks from her bottle but also drinks from a sippy

*Finger foods
Not more than 16-24oz of milk a day - we haven’t started milk but will soon
*May eat any table foods

*Look at pictures; name out loud objects that child desires - she loves to look at pictures of “dada” and “baby”
*Pull toys, cloth books, blocks

    She is definitely right on track! She is such a smart baby! The things she says regularly are Dad, daddy, da da, mom, mommy, mama, a-ma (she uses this more for wanting something then when she wants me), bottle, yes, no, thank you, huh, more, plus she’ll imitate pretty much anything you say to her.
-She loves to dance and sing along with music.
-She kisses her baby dolls and gives them lovings.
-She has a bad little temper when she is tired.
-Lately she’s been biting us, which we are teaching her is a big no-no.
-She absolutely loves to climb things. She is going to give us a heart attack one day with her climbing.
-Her favorite food to eat is turkey and green beans but she has also tried and likes, ham, beef, chicken, eggs, hash browns, fries (regular and sweet potato), broccoli, apple sauce, strawberries, oranges, peaches, apples, oatmeal, rice, bacon. Okay I probably should have started with I feed her whatever we are having for dinner. The things she hasn’t liked are carrots, peas, corn, and steak. All things we’ll try again but at a later time. Her all time favorite snack? Crackers. Silly girl.

     Right now she has 8 teeth with 4 more coming in. She has her top front four and bottom front four and what I believe are called the canines, are coming in on top and bottom. She’s been a drooly, cranky mess lately so I know they are coming soon. Though her amber necklace helps a lot it isn’t a cure all. I hate teething. It’s such a mean thing to little ones!

    One year old. My baby is one year old. 
 Happy Birthday Princess

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  1. I love all the pics... I'm so sad I missed her party :( We will have to stop by soon to see you guys and drop off a present for her. I've had my eye on a couple of things I'd like to get her.

  2. Ok I'm totally teary eyed over here! Loved all the pics and boy does she ever sound like a smart little girl!

    btw My brother is a HUGE Steelers fan...he would love that little onesie on his niece :P

  3. Oh my, she is just SO adorable!!! Happy birthday to your little baby. My little guy will be turning one next month! Where does the time go??!!