Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My appendix.. again?

     Starting in 2005 when I started having so many health problems, every doctor I saw blamed it on my appendix. I've been told many times that I'd have to have surgery to remove my appendix, then it turns out that it isn't my appendix. So yesterday when I was at the doctor and they told me they were pretty sure it was my appendix, I won't lie, I didn't believe them. After my appointment I was told not to eat because I had to go have a CT scan and then possibly surgery. I started to get nervous because 1) I know this isn't my gallbladder because that's been removed 2) This isn't my Endometriosis pain - it's in a different spot. I don't know if you've all ever had a CT Scan before but the process of that goes as follows (well at least for me): 1 gross drink, half an hour later have another gross drink. Have Armando (my new favorite nurse!) put in an IV while having another gross drink. A half an hour after the third gross drink have the fourth gross drink then wait for them to come collect you so you can drink your last gross drink and lay on a big table.
     Once you are in the room and laying on the big table you are asked to lay with your hands above your head and follow the instructions. A huge tube comes and goes back and forth over your stomach while telling you to breath in and hold it, breath out and such. Then a nurse comes in, hooks in your IV and slowly pushes in some type of medicine. It's a weird medicine that makes you have a hot flash then feel like your peeing your pants (which you aren't). After the nurse puts the medicine in you go through the tube again and you are done.  After I was done the nurse told me to head out and wait for Armando to take out my IV. However, before I left I said "I know you can't say anything to me but when will someone tell me about the results?" The nurse told me that whenever my next doctor's appointment was she would tell me unless it was an emergency then she'd probably call me in the morning. My response "Okay.... well I was told not to eat for potential surgery to have my appendix removed." She told me to wait a minute and she'd go ask the other tech. They talked to the CT Scan reader and the 'wet read' showed that my appendix was fine. She told me to go ahead and eat tonight and call my doctor first thing in the morning.
     Later that night my doctor called to let me know that my appendix looked okay, everything looked alright and that I needed to follow up with my GI doctor because of all the problems I'm having with my stomach. I thanked her and got off the phone. I was still in a lot of pain and at that point very tired.
     This morning my stomach is still hurting. I guess I never explained what is going on, so let me do that. When I eat I often get sick to my stomach or my stomach will swell up, sometimes the point where I look like I'm about to have a baby. My stomach will hurt and be very painful. I'm not eating three meals a day because it hurts to eat and who wants to have more pain? Not me. When the doctor was pressing on my stomach it hurt the most near my appendix but was sore all over. With everything that I told her was going on, needless to say she was a little worried.
     I was not able to get through to the GI doctor today and I've been in so much pain I was really tired of being on the phone. My lovely grandmother said she'd call for me and of course got through. I have an appointment with a GI doctor tomorrow at 8:30. My doctor called me as soon as I got off the phone with my Grandma and asked if I had gotten an appointment with a GI doctor. I told her I had just made one for tomorrow morning. She let out a sigh and said "oh good! Because we were going over the CT Scan and noticed that the lymph nodes around the area where you said was hurting a lot are very.... angry looking. So we want you to get in to see a GI doctor as soon as possible. I'm VERY glad you got it for tomorrow so I'm going to go ahead and send over the scan to the doctor so they can review it and take it from here." I thanked her then she said "We also really would like you to follow up with your OBGYN or Endo doctor. We saw that your right ovary is a bit larger then your left ovary and has a pretty big cyst in it. We'd like you to get in as soon as possible for that too." Again I thanked her and told her I'd see her next week. I called my Endo doctor and left a message. They called me back shortly after and said that they are fitting me in Thursday morning but if possible tomorrow afternoon if she can fit me in after surgery.
     I won't lie. I am scared and anxious and nervous. Any talk of lymph nodes scares me! I know it can just be an infection but what if it's more? I'm just so nervous! I pray that it's nothing and just a bug or whatever. Please, if you are a praying person, please keep me in your prayers.

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  1. I will definitely be thinking positive thoughts for you and hope that everything turns out ok. Pain sucks so much and it must be very scary to hear what the doctor said but try to stay calm...you are strong!