Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...?

     I'm sorry everyone, my wordless Wednesday is happening on Thursday this week. I've joined in with Mama Momo to do a picture a day challenge for 2012. So every Wednesday (...oops..) I'll post the pictures I've taken for the last week. Enjoy and join the challenge if you want!

Jan 1st - Haleigh's new favorite toy

Jan 2nd - Stuffed pork chops

Jan 3rd - a little peak outside
Jan 3rd

Jan 4th - Good morning Sunshine

Jan 4th 

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  1. First, Haleigh is getting so big! I swear she also gets more and more pretty each time I see pics of her :) Hopefully I can make it to her party because I really miss you guys...

    Second, your book challenge for 2012 is amazing. I should read more than I do,but I'm generally too tired/lazy to do it! Although, I did want o mention that I believe I have a few of the books you want to read and would probably be able to let you borrow them :)

    Third, I do have internet working properly on my phone again. Thankfully. So I can read any links you send me. Even if I can't right away, with my car fixed, I get internet at work so I can look during lunch or on extremely slow days :)