Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Reading Dilemma

I have a dilemma. Once you hear the dilemma you're going to laugh because if you aren't an avid reader this is going to seem like such a silly thing to worry about (or even to think about).

At the beginning of the month I started Whisper to Me. It wasn't fully getting my attention so when we had to take a road trip down to Florida I decided to download an audio-book. I went with the fourth book in The Modern Witch series which I had been listening to the last time we took a road trip. When I was talking about downloading an audio-book to listen to while I drove Haleigh's first suggestion was 'those cool witch books'. What can I say? The kid has good taste! I love this series and listened to it while I was driving and while I was alone in the room we were staying in. However, on the way home while Tyrone was driving and listening to music and Haleigh was playing her kindle, I wasn't able to listen to the audio-book (headphones broke) so I opened up Whisper to Me. Well I finally got to a point where the book was getting really good and the sun went down. *sigh* Soon it was my time to drive and I turned the audio-book back on. These books (really any books that have little Irish grannies in them) just speak to my soul. I love them so much. So when I came home I finished that book and the next two. I've just found out that the next book is the last book in the series. I am HEART BROKEN! Now, there ARE inbetween novels and she has two small break off series (from The Modern Witch) that I can read but I'm coming to an end of these books and I'm already feeling devastated.

Here's my dilemma. Do I go and finish up this series and cry about it for the rest of my life or do I wait and finish up Whisper to me then go back to The Modern Witch series? Here's the other part to my dilemma.. her break off series I do not have in audio-book, just on the kindle. I don't want to read it myself because I've listened to Martha Harmon Pardee read the whole series to me and I don't want to switch it up. She brings it to life!

So what do I do? The last book in the series or Whisper to Me? What to do?! WHAT TO DO?!!?!

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