Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Dream Home

A friend of mine has been talking about a new house they are looking at. This started a large conversation between all of our friends about what type of house would be our dream house. I mean we all want a huge mansion with a library that you can compare to Belle’s. However, when I thought about doing this post I thought about what my more reasonable dream house would be like. Since I already love looking at floor plans I figured why not throw in a visual of what my dream house could look like.

The things on my want list is a porch on the front and back of the house, a room I can make into a library, walk in closets in the master (his and her walk ins would be even better), and a big bath tub! My husband’s want list includes porches in the front and back or a wrap around, the master opening up to one of the porches, rocking chairs for our porches, a bay window somewhere in the house, and a mancave/media room.

I have looked at many, many floorplans but I think this one would fit every one of our needs.

The porch is big enough for rocking chairs. You walk in to a foyer with the dining room on the right. I've always loved the idea of having a dining room and the family sitting down to eat dinner together at the table. Well, it just doesn't happen that way, no matter how much we try so I would definitely turn my dining room into my library.

The great room would be our main living area and with a vaulted ceiling! *swoon* The kitchen has a breakfast area that has a bay window.

The washer and dryer are right next to the master. The master doesn't have two walk in closets but is so big it has two sides which is essentially the same thing. I really like that the toilet is separate from
the shower/bath/sink area. The Master opens up to the back screen porch which we both love!

On the other side of the house is three bedrooms and two full baths. The whole house has three full baths and one half bath. More toilets then I want to scrub but whatever. Each bedroom has a decent sized closet. We hope to have three children if not hopefully we'll have at least two and the third bedroom can be used as a guest bedroom.

The big pull to this house is the storage upstairs! I hate to say we have a lot of crap. But we have a lot of crap. Good crap - memorabilia, pictures, things we are holding on to that we don't really need to hold on to but we're going to anyway. I have tried to get rid of things and it just doesn't happen. I'm okay with it. I've moved beyond it. This storage will be the end all to a lot of things and just think how fun that will be for the kids to go through!

Anyway, the other room - the bonus room will be the mancave/media room. We want somewhere to put our Steelers memorabilia and a big movie screen with a projector. We would love to have one of those arcade basketball games, one that keeps score because what's the point if it doesn't? We want a big overly comfy couch and a recliner to watch the movies and play video games in. Also, we love that this room would be over the garage so all of the noise that I have no doubt would be coming from the room, will not disturb everyone. Especially during playoff season.

I don't have much picked out for the outside other then a fire pit in the back somewhere and rose bushes in the front yard.

We have talked about our dream house for years. Hopefully one day that dream will come true!

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