Monday, March 14, 2011

Endometriosis Awarenes Day 14

     As Endometriosis develops a woman’s immune system becomes more and more impaired and this leads to further health problems. Due to increased research, as well as surveys of Endometriosis patients, it is now becoming clear that women with the disease are susceptible to other serious health problems including:

. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (100 times more common in women with endometriosis)
. Hypothyroidism - under-active Thyroid gland (7 times more common in women with endometriosis)
. Fibromyalgia
. Rheumatoid arthritis
     It does seem clear that as women with Endometriosis are more receptive to other health problems, then their immune system is the key to their problems.
     No two women will have the same symptoms for Endometriosis, and will not suffer the same knock-on health problems, but the most common symptom experienced among Endometriosis sufferers is acute pain. In some instances the pain of Endometriosis can prohibit a woman to contribute in every day activities as well as her ability to sustain a career.

     I'm sorry I missed a day of spreading awareness but I have been under the weather, I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow. I didn't do much today other then bake two batches of cookies. Now I'm headed to bed because I'm exhausted from being sick.

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