Thursday, March 24, 2011

Endometriosis Awareness Day 24

     Yesterday I received a private comment from someone who had viewed my blog. Her comment was:
"I dont think I've ever seen so much endo support stuff in my life let alone in 1 diary entry. I kind of shudder to think there's 22 more. I know a few girls with Endo. Even they dont make it out to seem THIS BAD dude. I mean i get that it hurts, i really do, like i said i know a few girls with it and it sucks to see them in that kinda pain, obviously. But it's not an every-waking-moment-of-one's-life-excruciating-agony type pain. Seriously, it's Endo, not Leprosy. I'm not trying to shoot you down or anything, but really, dude. A lot of of people have it a lot worse. It's Endo. Not AIDS"
     Now I thought over what I was going to write her before I wrote it because, as you can imagine, this comment upset/infuriated me. I decided to write back: Do you have Endometriosis? No? Because for every woman the pain is different. and for many.. my self included it is "an every-waking-moment-of-one's-life-excruciating-agony type pain." I understand that you feel I am over doing it - however, I am promoting awareness for the month of March because there is not enough awareness IE: you weren't aware that it could completely take over your life due to the severe pain until now. If awareness is raised one day there will be a cure. Thank you for coming to visit the diary. I hope you learned something about Endometriosis.
Stages of Endometriosis
     Not exactly without attitude but I tried not to be mean. I just don't understand why some people think they know everything about everything. If she had taken the time to read any of my posts (which she did not -she had only viewed a Endo graphics entry) she'd see that it is different for every person. A person with Stage 1 Endo could have more pain then a person with Stage 4 Endo. The amount of Endometriosis does not necessarily go along with how much pain a person has. I for instance have stage 1 Endo (or did when I had surgery in 2008) but have more pain then someone I know with Stage 3 Endo. It's wonderful that her friends do not have this much pain although if I were them I doubt I'd share with her anyway. 
     Now, yes there are a lot of things worse then Endometriosis. I have never stated otherwise. All I am doing is raising awareness of a disease that I know is not well known. However, just because Endometriosis isn't the worse thing in the world does not take away from it's severity. There are women out there who can not care for themselves because of this disease. There are women who are fighting for social security because people, like this woman, don't believe it can be as horribly crippling as it is. It is a shame that I along with many others are made to feel like we are being overly dramatic or that our problems aren't worthy because you can't physically see the problem. I hope by posting everyday for the month of March (every year) that I'll help in the education of the disease to at the very least a handful of people.

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  1. That comment really hurt me A LOT!!! Endometriosis has changed my life, lost my job, our house, and are up to $340K in debt all medical expenses!!! It hurt to hear people talk that way!! My last surgery i ended in a coma, my Endo is in most of my most important organs besides my heart, even my lungs have it (the right lung) my Kidneys, Liver, intestines, Bladder (with 2 bladder reconstructions due to this disease), stomach, and unfortunately i will start Dialysis for my Kidney failure all due to Endo because they are so damaged and if that doesn't work i will need surgery to remove kidney and perhaps even a Donor!!! It's a nightmare, everyday all the meds, all the pain, and not even meds help most the time! That's something so rude to say, if people don't know what it is to live with this disease don't talk about things you don't know!!! Of course not everyone suffers the same way but again doesn't give anyone the right to say we don't suffer!!