Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nicki's Diapers Coupon

Since I was 6 months pregnant I've said that I was going to cloth diaper using the Flip system and the Best Bottom system. I bought all of my diapers through because they kept running specials 'spend this much get a free one size diaper.' They kept promising they were getting in the Best Bottom diaper from Nicki's Diapers. So I figured my second order would be Best Bottoms. Well Best Bottoms hadn't come in yet and they were running another special for a free one size diaper. I couldn't pass it up. Next time, I said. Nope. Next time was an order of Econobums. By this time I ran out of money and was super upset that I hadn't gotten my Best Bottoms yet.

Well right now my little girl is 2 hours shy of 8 weeks and I ordered my Best Bottoms. Only one because that's all I can afford right now but I am super excited. Here is something I didn't realize: on all Best Bottom products are FREE SHIPPING. This is awesome! Most of the reason why I hadn't ordered it before now was I didn't have enough money to qualify for free shipping and I didn't have $7 to waste on shipping costs! Also I looked up coupon codes for Nicki's and I found a five % off coupon. So if anyone is interested Nicki's has a 5% off coupon just type in: FIVE. As soon as I get these diapers in I'll be doing a review on them. And sometime soon I'll be reviewing the diapers I already have!

Oh.. more exciting news? My boyfriend's cousin is buying us some Goodmama's.

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