Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No sleep in this mama's future

     I haven’t shared the details of why I stopped breastfeeding with many people, mostly because it’s bizarre. First, my milk never came in. Second, I was coming close to or sometimes passing out while feeding her. When I called a lactation consultant at the hospital she said it was probably my reaction to the milk letting down. However, she wanted me to go in to the doctor and have my iron levels checked. Everything was fine so there was no medical reason for this to be happening. I was trying to handle it the best I could but I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue breastfeeding her if I was going to pass out or get that light headed every time. I came to the (heart breaking) conclusion that I had to stop. I was scared I was going to drop her if/when I passed out. This was not what I wanted to do but I felt like I had no other options. I tried my hand held pump and I was getting just as light headed. I stopped breastfeeding when she was 4 weeks old. Today she is 7 weeks and 4 days old and I am trying again. I’m not putting her to the breast just yet (mostly because I’m nervous about it) instead I’m using a Lactina electric pump, taking fenugreek, and eating a lot of oatmeal cookies. I’ve been drinking so much water I could swim in it. I’ve put tiny snacks all around me so whenever I’m pumping I can snack. I’m trying all the suggestions I’ve gotten from other moms. Tonight I’m starting with pumping every hour until I go to sleep then every two hours. I’m praying that within a week I’ll be producing something. Anything. Any suggestions on how long I should pump for every hour/two hours? Do I just keep pumping until I’m actually pumping something or do I slow down? That doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Anyway, I know I have a long road ahead of me but it’s one I’m willing to take. Luckily I have a lot of support behind me.

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  1. The Rx reglan is amazing and brings in your milk (like crazy!!)within 24-48 hrs... I'm using it, but you only take it temporarily... Like a week or so, then wean off of it. It can be difficult to get the Rx tho, bc it isn't approved by the FDA for this use... It should be tho!!! Don't give up!!