Wednesday, March 23, 2011


     I am in a lot of pain. Two days ago I had two teeth pulled. My wisdom tooth had grown in sideways and into the tooth next to it. Lucky me. For weeks I've been having horrible pain in the left side of my mouth I had assumed a cavity so I went to the dentist and was told that it had to be my wisdom tooth which was causing me so much pain. He wanted me to go to an oral surgeon. The only problem with that is it would cost close to 1000 for me to go because I don't have insurance. Why don't I have insurance? Because in order to cover a preexisting condition I'd have to pay 400-500 a month. I can't pay that because I can't work due to pain because of my preexisting condition. It's a miserable circle. I hate it. Anyway, I worked it out with the oral surgeon and had the two teeth pulled. The first oral surgeon I spoke to said I'd have to be put to sleep, thank god I didn't have to. I'm usually not nervous about surgeries and such where I need to be put to sleep but every since having Haleigh I am. This surgeon said they didn't need to put me to sleep just numb the area. I warned them that for some reason my mouth doesn't numb well and the last time I had a tooth pulled it took a few extra shots. True this time too - they talked about numbing my whole jaw but thank goodness by the 10th or so shot it was numb. Removing the two teeth took less then 20 minutes the longest part was numbing my mouth. He had to put a stitch or two in. It hurts, a lot. I want so badly to eat solid foods! I can it just hurts to chew. Next week when my mouth is all better I'm having steak!

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  1. no insurance? how the hell did u afford to delivver a baby??????? thats insane ! the rules on insurance SUCK!