Thursday, February 24, 2011

A picture of yourself and 15 facts

1. I put my whole heart in to my friendships and it still amazes me when others do not.
2. Drunk people scare me and make me nervous/anxious no matter how much I love them or how long I have known them.
3. I have social anxiety and I always feel that ‘fight or flight’ feeling in my stomach before walking in to a room.
4. I have and try to spread awareness as much as possible so one day there will be a cure.
5. I hope to do something with photography one day
6. Music is my escape.
7. I listen to all kinds of music and love to find new artists to listen to
8. I like to move – I hate living in one place too long
9. I don’t believe in giving up
10. Tattoos are addicting – I have 2 with plans of at least 2 more
11. I don’t believe in holding things in. If you are upset you should talk it out – in a productive, respectful way. When things are held in for too long it just ends badly
12. Family is very important to me.
13. My favorite part of going to school is getting new notebooks and pens
14. I love cooking (when I’m able to)
15. Id be very content living in a beach house with no internet/computer and an unlimited supply of books

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