Friday, March 18, 2011

Tummy Troubles

     Since day 1 Haleigh has been a gassy baby. When I talked to her
 doctor about it at her one month check up he said that babies are just gassy and gave me some pointers on burping her and moving her legs around to relieve some gas. I figured it was just that I wasn't burping her correctly or enough. So I went home and showed the different ways to burp/move her legs around to my boyfriend, grandmother, sister, and mom - all the people who deal with her the most. I had high hopes that this would work. Along with new burping techniques I bought slow flow nipples for the bottle only to find out the nipples we already had were slow flow. Let me take this time to point out that Medela "slow flow" nipples are not slow flow. She was drowning in her formula! I am not a fan of Medela bottles at all. The only way the nipple doesn't get sucked back in to the bottle while she's drinking is if we barely twist on the top at all. Anyway, my poor baby was contorting her whole body to one side because her tummy was bothering her so bad. I felt horrible for her. Everything I was trying was not working. This is another reason why I want to start breastfeeding* again she wasn't as gassy while I was breastfeeding her. One night at like 3am when I was sitting up with her trying to relieve some of her gas and remembered we got infant anti-gas drops. I gave her only half of what the bottle said to give a baby of her size and it helped within minutes! Once I had the medicine in her I did the leg exercises and sure enough all the gas started coming out. My poor little baby passed out within minutes of taking the medicine.
     Tummy troubles continued to plaque my baby. Every time someone holds her they turn to me and say 'uh oh someones making a dirty diaper' nope just a gassy baby (well most of the time!). How can one baby let out so much gas and still have so much in her tummy? I've been told to switch her formula by many people but that was part of the conversation her Doctor and I had. He said not to switch and to try these techniques. There was more to that conversation but it was a month ago and I don't remember it all. I do remember him saying not to switch though. So I haven't. I've tried many of things to try to help her though. A few have worked. About a month ago we started putting her to sleep in her boppy. I know, a big no-no but I fully believe that sometimes you have to follow your mommy instincts and I was right. Haleigh was making monster noises (which she still does just not nearly as much) when we would lay her down flat. I tried multiple things before coming to the conclusion to keep her inclined and the one that came most highly recommended was holding her upright for 15-20 minutes after feeding her before you lay her down. We did that but the second we'd lay her down she'd make monster noises. I can't even fully explain them. It sounded sort of like she was congested or choking but not. I really am at a loss of words for this one. Eventually we decided to prop her up. Well, that's a little more difficult then I'd like it to be because we have her in the porta-crib next to our bed (one with a bassinet in it) so it's not like I could prop up the mattress. I attempted it but she'd just slid down or get closer and closer to the side of the crib and I didn't like that. So next option was the swing. There was no place to put the swing in the room. So that was a no go.
during a nap time - she sleeps on her back at night
The only other option was the boppy pillow. We put her in it while she was sleeping during the day and ta-da little to no noises!! She was getting better sleep and so were we! Oh! I forgot to mention (by the way I'm writing this at 4am because Haleigh is up due to being a big 'ol gassy baby) these noises were waking her up from her sleep and she was throwing up a lot. Not spitting up, throwing up. Having her sleep in the boppy has cut down on both dramatically. It's amazing.
     Yesterday was an appointment I had scheduled with her doctor to talk about this gas nonesense. Due to pain we couldn't make it and I had to reschedule for Monday afternoon. Something needs to be done. Maybe Haleigh is lactose intolerant? Maybe she just needs the formula for fussy/gassy babies until I can get enough milk to come in to feed her. I just feel so bad for her. Right now she's up laying in my arms I just gave her some of those anti-gas drops so that should help her soon. we've been up since 2:30am. I don't mind getting up with her, I actually enjoy our middle of the night time together but not when she is in pain and she is because you can see it on her face. My poor baby.
     Okay - I've got a sleeping baby, so I'm off to bed now too. Wish us luck!

*Breastfeeding- pumping is going well. I have to call the lactation specialist tomorrow because I'd like to know how long before my milk comes in. I don't mind pumping my brains out until it does I'd just like to know an around about time frame. Since I started eating the cookies I've been pumping a few drops on each side every time. Still not enough to give her yet but some is better then none right? I have faith this will work!

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  1. Those gas drops do wonders! :-)