Friday, April 1, 2011

8AM and content

     Normally I am not up this early (8am). How is that possible with a 11 week old, you ask. I have a wonderful boyfriend, that's how. Our routine goes as follows: Haleigh gets up at 7-7:30ish and Tyrone, who is already up for work, feeds her, changes her, loves on her, swaddles her and delivers her back to bed. She sleeps in her boppy in the bed next to me (save your criticism, I'm the mama and this is how we do it) until 10-11ish when she wakes up.I feed her, change her, swaddle her, lay her back down. Then we get up again around 12-1ish. This is when the lights go on, pjs come off - new clothes go on and we start our day together. I know this schedule won't last forever but for right now it's wonderful! It works best for me since my pain is worse until about 12 in the afternoon when it magically dwindles down to the low end of the totem pole. Since we are up late at night (12-2am) and that's when she goes to sleep this all works out great. A big 'ol HAHA to those who said I couldn't keep my sleeping schedule once the baby came. You were wrong. While I'm at it I'll throw in a double HAHA to those who said I'd be up all night long with her. She sleeps from 1:30-2ish until 7-7:30ish. (I don't want to hear later - "just wait" and "I meant when she was .... this age" because what you said was 'when the baby comes' she's here - tada!)
     As I sit here writing this she is slowly going back to sleep. This morning I feel so content. When Tyrone came in to say goodbye and give kisses before he left for work I looked at him who was dressed in his nice shirt and tie looking down at Haleigh and smiling and I thought, this is it. This is the life I always wanted. Kisses and hugs from the boyfriend before he heads to work, smiles from my baby before she falls asleep, and a good Jodi Picoult book I shouldn't be reading (but seriously, who does school work at 8am? NOT me!). Life is good. Now if only I could find a job reviewing books. If you have any idea how to do this please let me know. As I told Tyrone "I know that I'm a month or so away from graduation, but I want to quit and read for a living." One can wish...

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