Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh.. there is hope!

     When I went to the doctors the other day I explained how much pain I was in and the (what I like to call) pre-doctor (the resident who is working under the doctor - it's a teaching hospital) comes in and says 'maybe we'll just give the IUD a few more months to see how it works. If we go ahead and give you medicine now then we won't know whether it was the medicine or the IUD that helped." my response was "Does it matter? As long as I don't have pain. And no I don't want to wait. I'm done waiting. I'm in pain NOW and not just a little." He said okay let me go get the Dr. The Dr comes in and says alright.. I hear you aren't waiting. Nope. So he started me back on Gabapentin. I can't remember how long it took to kick in but I know it helped a little last time I was on it. I'm taking it three times a day. *sigh* I hate pills. Anyway, then I said "Okay... say I still have pain when I come back. What then? Will we consider surgery?" After asking when my last surgery was (Oct 2008) he said yes.. if in say August, I'm still in this amount of pain we will consider surgery. There is hope!!! I really think if we do surgery then start me on this pill regiment along with the IUD things will be good. That is all for now. I am pleased!

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