Thursday, April 7, 2011

PETA - this is not okay!

I am really upset right now. I just found out that PETA is doing a 'win a vasectomy' for National Infertility Awareness week. Their website says "It's a two-fer: Get your animal companion fixed, and get yourself fixed too! Human overpopulation is crowding out animal life on the planet, and dog and cat overpopulation is creating a euthanasia crisis that is a crying shame." Are you serious? Serious?! Infertility is NOT a laughing matter. This is not okay. There are men and women who struggle for years and years with infertility and sometimes never succeed in having a baby. I don't think they realize how truly heartbreaking infertility could be!

There has been a petition started  by Keiko that demands an apology and the removal of a link between PETA and National Infertility Awareness Week. Please take a minute to sign it.

For more information, please visit Keiko's blog Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed.  She is tracking every blog posting letters to PETA, along with updates about the communication between her and PETA.

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