Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quaking - book review

by Kathryn Erskine

     "Don't call her Matilda. Her name is Matt. And don't even think about getting close to her. She doesn't need anyone. Can't you tell by looking at her, dressed all in Gothic black, with a spider painted on her face and that ice-cold stare? But most of all, do not bully her. She has been through it all already.
     But soon everything changes for fourteen-year-old Matt when she moves inw ith a peaceful Quaker family in Pennsylvania. As the country fights a war in the Middle East, Matt fights her own personal war much closer to home. She is fighting bullies - of her past and present - and fighting for her right to stand up for her belief in peace. She's also fighting for her very self as she begins to let down her guard and care about the family that has opened their arms to her.
     As violence erupts in town and peace-promoting churches and temples are attacked, Matt will need to fight even harder to save the family she is beginning to love. But how can she win this battle when her fears always leave her quaking?"

     When my sister brought me this book to read, I wasn't sure I'd like it but I gave it a chance because she wanted me to read it plus the author is from the town I live in. The book wasn't my all time favorite but I liked it. I could relate to the main character, Matt, about how she felt about bullies. I remember how horrible bus rides with a bully could be. My favorite parts of books is the end - especially if I can't predict it. This book's ending was semi predictable but all in all it was still a good book. Definitely a book I'd pass on to a teen to read.

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