Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to Me!

Mothers Day. I never thought I'd be able to celebrate it so early in my life. I've always thought it would take so long for me to become a mother, if at all. Last Mothers Day we were in NY at my cousins' confirmation. A week earlier I had taken a pregnancy test and gotten a negative. My doctor had said to wait one more week to take another then to take the medicine I had to start my period. I had gone Friday to pick up that prescription along with the clomid I would have to take. I wasn't feeling good all weekend but just attributed it to pain from riding in the car from my house to my cousins'. The night we came home I remember saying to Tyrone "I'm going to wake up in the morning take the pregnancy test then start the medication." At 5am I woke up went to the bathroom, took the test, and to my surprise I got a positive! A positive!! I was ecstatic! Tyrone told me not to call my mom (which I told him I wanted to do) because we should take another test to be positive. I called my doctor to get bloodwork taken. I went in to have the bloodwork done and planned on just waiting a few hours to get the results. I pulled in my driveway but then said .. yeah right who am I kidding?! I drove back to Kroger and got another pregnancy test. At this point I had convinced myself that it was a mistake and not to get my hopes up. Unfortunately this is what happens to women with infertility problems. We don't believe the good things. The test - sure enough - was a positive! A POSITIVE! Confirmed by the doctor a few hours later. And although I would have embraced the fact of having multiples thank goodness we were only having one.

Skip forward to today - A year minus a day later and I'm a mommy. A mommy on my first mother's day. I had a wonderful day with my mother, grandmother, sister, boyfriend, and of course - my gorgeous little girl. Tyrone got me a gorgeous frame that says Mom and has butterflies. It is engraved "Happy First Mothers Day love Haleigh and Tyrone" It is gorgeous. I love him so much. He is great. Then the best gift I could have gotten? Haleigh rolled over for the first time ever! Then the second time ever.. then the third. She's a pro!

I am so proud! Today has been a wonderful First Mothers Day! 

Thank You God for giving me this opportunity!!

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