Monday, May 2, 2011

Kings Dominion - wheelchair edition

     Sunday I went to Kings Dominion with Tyrone, Angela (sister), and Alex (sister's boyfriend - hereby known as Uncle Chewy to Haleigh) because Tyrone's work was having a company picnic. Not just his branch but all branches. Last year when we went I had just found out I was pregnant so I couldn't ride any of the rides. It did not make for a good time watching everyone get on my favorite rides. This year I was super excited but I knew I had to choose, ride rides or walk and not ride. I decided to rent a wheelchair so I could attempt to enjoy my time as long as possible without having pain. When you first rent a wheelchair they send you to customer services to get a ticket that allows you and one other person to go up the exit of the ride and wait there until it is your turn to ride. If the wait is going to be a while then they'll give you a time to come back. Such a hassle. I felt horrible because then we didn't get to stand in the line with Ang and Alex or if Ang was going on with us but Alex wasn't then she'd have to wait in line by her self. Everyone said they didn't mind but it bothered me. I tried to ignore my insecurities about being in a wheelchair and just enjoy my time. It wasn't hard to do for the first half of the trip. I'd go up the exit say that I had people in line and when it was there turn we'd like to ride with them. Then we'd ride. Not a problem. Then it started to get harder. The attendants would see us coming and ignore us forcing me to go all the way up to them and be told to back up and wait. I was waiting out of sight of the people waiting in line so when I'd come out of nowhere to get on the other riders would be upset we were 'cutting line' despite the fact that we waited. Sometimes when we'd say "We'd like to ride again so is it okay if we just go back over there sit down and when our family gets through the line again we'll go on with them?' they'd say THEY HAVE TO GO ALL THE WAY BACK AROUND AND WAIT IN LINE! Yes.. obviously. I just said that. By the end of the day I was frustrated people were ignoring us and then making us feel like we shouldn't be there. Maybe the attendants were just cranky because they had been there all day but if you don't like the system.. you work there...say something about it. Stop complaining and help make a change - it is not my fault. Don't treat me badly. So half the time was okay and half the time it wasn't. If I was giving a review to a handicapped person I'd tell them to go first thing in the morning and leave half way through the day.
     Anyway, I had a good day. I enjoyed the rides. I'm definitely a fan of roller coasters. Especially ones that take your breathe away. I went on most of the rides two sometimes four times. My favorite are the wooden roller coasters where you can throw your hands up in the air. I know you can do that with some of the newer roller coasters but it doesn't seem to be as fun. Pain wise, I was beyond a ten when I got home. About a 9 when I woke up and a 9 tonight. It eased up a little during the day but not much lower then a 7. I imagine I'll be in pain for a few days, it was expected and well worth it. I had a great day with my family!

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