Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Idea

     I am taking a biology class at my local community college. It is a class I need in order to go on to a different college to get my BA. The teacher is awesome, laid back, not at all mean and intimidating like my last biology teacher. I won't lie, I was scared to take this class because it is in the summer and summer classes move at a fast pace and lets just face it - I suck at sciency stuff. So yesterday was an exam in class followed by a lab. We went to the lab and were told we'd be working with a bacteria. We were going to swab some of this bacteria in to a petri dish then use different chemicals that claim they kil bacteria to see which has the best result. Okay, not a big deal. Until he said what the bacteria was.
Staph. Staph, really? He must have seen the panic in mine (maybe others) eyes because he said as long as we follow protocol there should be no problem? I know I'm following protocol but what about the class before us? What about the other students in the class. I have NO immune system. I literally get sick any time anyone around me is sick. I was terrified of this lab. We were given gloves to wear but no face masks. We could wear aprons if we wanted to but what was aprons going to do? Needless to say I thought that this lab was a bad idea. Granted I don't know what strand of Staph this is, it is still staph. Could we not have used a bacteria that wasn't so intense? Not only did we do this yesterday but we also are redoing it next week to re-test our results. Stress or don't stress? I know there is nothing I can do. My options are fail or do this lab but still. I feel it is not a good idea. I followed all protocols, if I get an infection I'm suing. At the very least I better get an A!

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