Friday, June 17, 2011

Trash it!

     I know I said I'd do a blog on how our road trip went with cloth diapering and a 4 month old but things have been hectic. And I do mean HECTIC! As soon as this weekend is over with I will have more time to blog about all I've wanted to blog about.
     For the first time Tyrone and I will be living on our own. Since we've been together we've always had roommates or housemates. Tonight we get the keys for our very own townhouse. Tonight we will walk through the doors of our very first home as a family. I am ecstatic. Tyrone is anxious about all that is left to do and there is indeed a lot left to do. I refuse to just throw things in boxes and bags without organization. It will just make for chaos when we are unpacking. Grama always says "If you do it right the first time, you won't have to do it again" and she is right. Everyone keeps saying well tonight/tomorrow when you run out of time you'll just throw everything in boxes and go. Wrong. I will not. I will throw it all out. I fully believe at least a third of what I own needs to be trashed. I have way too much stuff. We have so much packed and ready to go what scares me is how much is left. I do NOT want this much stuff. I need to down grade. I need to get rid of stuff. Who needs all this? All I need is my books, my bed, and stuff to cook with, and maybe a candle or two. Granted four or five boxes is all books. I have a problem, I know. Hello, my name is Nicole and I am addicted to reading. I don't keep EVERY book I read. just the good ones.
     Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I want to trash everything. Tyrone won't let me know, neither will my friends. I truly believe it's because, just like myself, they are hoarders at heart. Today is jam packed with work, packing, and moving. Once I'm done with work, I have to go mail off my cousin's bus ticket, pick up my keys to the house, then go get my grama from work, go home and pack, pack, pack until Rachel comes to get me to exercise. After I exercise it's pack, pack, pack until Tyrone gets home. After we go in the house together as a family, take it all in, my wonderfully amazing friends are going to help move as many boxes as we can tonight.
     Well, I have officially lost my train of thought. Wish me luck. I'll be back soon!

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