Thursday, September 15, 2011 - making my house a home

     I love to find new websites to play on. The newest website I've found is This is website where you can search for everything you are wanting to buy and it shows you the sites that sell it. is a site that helps you compare and contrast prices on whatever you are looking for.
       Lately I've been looking for things that could turn our house in to a home. Candles are always number one on my list for the house but what else? I'd like a new duvet cover, the one we have now we've had for four or five years. I really wanted something other then blue because all we have ever had is blue. I was thinking green, then I saw this bed set. It's so neat and clean and grown up. Maybe I need a grown up duvet set or maybe I'll just go girly and tell Tyrone tough!
     Our dining room is small, very small, even smaller considering we keep our computer in there. We have our table against the wall with our four chairs surrounding it. Which is fine if it's just us at the house eating but what if we have company? I was considering getting some bar stools that I could store under the table when we aren't using them and when we do need them we can just take them out , pull the table away from the wall and ta-dah! What do you think? It's a possibility.
     Since I was a kid and my cousin had one of those road rugs that you can drive your hot wheels on the different roads, I've wanted one or something like that. I really like the idea of themed rugs. Who cares if girls are suppose to play with dolls and boys are suppose to play with cars. I like the hot wheels one and just might have to get it for Haleigh. If she takes after her mom at all she'll like hot wheels and tree climbing.
     What else? I need more pictures to hang up, maybe more lighting? It may take a little while but soon my house will be a home!

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