Friday, September 30, 2011

Prayers Needed

     Wednesday was by far not my favorite day. Tuesday, Sept 27th, I had gone to my mom's house to take care of her and try to convince her to go to the hospital. A week or two ago she was diagnosed with bronchitis, which is not outrageously uncommon for her since she has COPD, and was given a antibiotic and a steroid. Well, after taking the steroid for a few days she was feeling worse. She was dizzy and just not feeling well. Friday, when she came to town, we could all tell she was feeling horrible. She didn't look good, very dizzy, having trouble seeing, no appetite. Not good. Tuesday she called the doctor and told them what was going on. They said that they thought the medicine had effected her blood sugars (she previously was told she was a borderline diabetic) and to stop taking it - which she already had. They couldn't fit her in that day and told her to come in Wednesday afternoon. The nurse said not to go to the ER because they were just going to say she had to go to her regular doctor and it would be a wasted trip. I wanted mom to go to the ER. She was not doing well at all. She was having a lot of trouble seeing, talking, thinking, moving. It was scary. I went there Tuesday and took care of her the best I could, cooked dinner and such. I just wanted to be there to watch her and make sure she was okay, even if she wouldn't listen to me and go to the hospital. That night I left but planned to come back early the next morning.
     Wednesday morning me and Haleigh headed to mom's house. I spent the day at mom's doing whatever she needed me to do. I did her dishes and cleaned out the refrigerator. I was exhausted and in a lot of pain when I was done and was glad that all we had left to do was take mom to the doctor then go home. As we were getting ready to leave I hear mom go "oh god, OH NO!" Wonderful. I come in to find my child floating in her car seat. She had a poop explosion. She literally was floating. It was gross. I took her and the carseat in to the bathroom threw her in the bathtub and washed her. Handed her over to mom while I handled the car seat. *sigh* It was gross. Angela (my sister) kept walking by saying "I give you props Nikki" and "You're a trooper Nick." Not a trooper, no props needed. I am a mom this is what I do. So I bagged up all the grossness, washed off the car seat as best as I could (minus the cover which there was no saving until later when I was near a washing machine), dried it, and threw baby powder all over it. Next decision was, how do I put the blankets in the car seat to make it comfy and still safe. I did the best I could but as you can tell, she was no amused. My poor baby.
     At 3:30 we went to the doctors office. By this time mom's vision was very blurry, she felt like she was going to pass out, and had only had one meal in days. In a week she had lost 6lbs from not eating. The nurse took her blood sugar and all the machine said is HI. I asked her to do it again and she said "no need to, it means her sugar levels are too high to monitor on here." All I could think is, yeah okay just test it again! The doctor came in and said we needed to take her to the hospital, I should take the baby home and come back and that she'd probably be there for days. Hopefully they admit her through the ER because apparently he didn't have the ability to admit her himself. We left the doctors office and went back to my moms house to tell the girls what was going on. Before we left mom's house I checked her blood sugar with my meter (I had gestational diabetes) and my meter also said "HI." Not good. I dropped mom off at the ER, went back to town to pick up Grama from work and drop off Haleigh with Tyrone. Grama and I went back to Mom's house to pick up the girls and go to the ER. We got to the ER about three hours after I had dropped her off. We found out what her blood sugar was. 830. 830! Do you know how high that is? When I was pregnant they told me not to let my blood sugar go over 150. Mom's doctors told us that had she not come in she probably would have gone into a diabetic coma, which, if untreated could have been followed by death.
     Mom was told a few months ago that she was a borderline diabetic. That she could control it by exercise and diet. Her doctor gave her a meter, said you can check it or not but right now I don't see that it's really necessary because you aren't actually a diabetic yet. When she went in to see the doctor about having bronchitis he completely ignored the fact that she was a borderline diabetic. Steroids are the worst thing to give a diabetic. The doctor in the emergency room told us that because of this medicine she is now a full blown diabetic that has to have insulin. There, probably, is no going back now. I won't get in to what I think should happen to this doctor but I bet you can imagine what I'm thinking. After hours of waiting in the ER Mom was told she was going to be admitted to the ICU. Hearing that is extremely scary. I asked why the ICU? Why can she not be put in a regular room? The nurse said that she was in not in critical condition but the ICU was the only place that could do an insulin drop, which is what she needed. The nurse said that as soon as her numbers were down a little bit they would put her in a regular room.
     Yesterday, Thursday, early afternoon mom was put in a regular room. Her numbers were in the 100s, which is amazing!! I was so happy to hear that they were moving her to a regular room. As soon as I was done watching the little boy I babysit I headed to mom's house. My cousin was going to watch Haleigh for me while Angela, Alex (Ang's boyfriend), and I went to the hospital. Even though Mom was out of the ICU I didn't want to bring Haleigh to the hospital. We still don't know if she has my immune system or Tyrone's. No need to expose her to things anyway. Mom was still very fuzzy. She wasn't feeling good and her eye's still weren't focusing very well. The doctors told her that they were pretty sure her eye sight would go back to normal. Pretty sure? Mom's numbers were in the 300's all afternoon and night so the nurse wasn't sure that she would be getting out Friday like what they had originally planned. They want to have her on the right medicine regimen before she leaves. The nurse came in and said "You're a little sweet let's give you some insulin." I thought that was a really funny way of saying her sugars were high. I'm glad she had such nice nurses taking care of her. We left after an hour or so to let her rest.
     The doctors were expecting her to leave today. However, when I called earlier this morning and her numbers were still in the 300s. The nurse said yesterday that she doubted that mom would be sent home with numbers still in the 300s. I just spoke to mom and her numbers have shot up to the 500s again. Her doctor has not been in to see her yet but my guess is that she won't be coming home today. I will update as much as possible. For now please keep her and our family in our prayers.

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