Thursday, September 1, 2011

Show me your stash!

     After Mama Momo asked on her facebook page "How many cloth diapers do you have in your stash" it got me thinking... how many DO I have?! I know I have a lot but I saw some mom's posting that they have 100+. I thought to myself there is no way I have that many diapers, right? Haleigh happened to be in disposables due to an infection so I washed all my diapers and counted. Oh boy. Here's what I came up with (JUDGE NOT!):

Infant Diapers (no longer using just storing for next baby)

Covers: 2 Nickys, 2 Bambino Mios, 2 Thirsties, 1 Mama's Simple Solutions
Fitteds: 1 mama made, 1 Tots Bots, 1 Thirsties
AIO: 2 Bottom Bumpers, 1 Happy Heiny, 2 Wonder Works
Pocket: 1 Fuzzibuns
Prefolds: 5 Bambino Mios

Large/XL Diapers that she doesn't fit yet

2 Cuddlebug Cloth and 1 Dream Eze

Diapers that are in our current rotation

Inserts (including the ones that are currently stuffed in my pocket diapers): 3 baby kicks, 3 baby kicks hemparoos, 1 motherease, 10 zorb, 12 flip stay dry inserts, 2 Thirsties hemp

Prefolds (including the ones that are stuffed in my pocket diapers): 11 Large unbleached, 3 Large bleached, 4 infant unbleached, 7 Econobum, 4 infant Bambino Mio,

Fitteds: 5 goodmamas, 3 Mama's Simple Solutions, 1 Thirsties, 1 Bumgenius

Covers: 3 Mama's Simple Solutions OS, 1 Best Bottoms, 6 Flips (1 is MIA), 3 Econobum, 1 Thirsties

AIO/AIT: 3 Swaddlebees, 3 Bottom Bumpers, 1 Dry Bees

Pockets: 1 Sun Diapers (apple), 4 Fuzzibuns, 2 Kawaiis, 2 Grovia, 2 Green Acres, 1 unknown, 3 Mama's Simple Solutions, 2 Beilesens.
      Not TOO much right?!  All together that's 21 Covers, 13 Fitteds, 15 AIO/AITs, 17 Pockets, 34 Prefolds, and 31 Inserts. That's 131 cloth diapering things but I feel like prefolds and inserts shouldn't be counted because they go IN the diapers. Is it bad that I still want more? I know.. it is bad! Oh well. Hello all, my name is Nicole and I'm addicted to cloth diapers. GET OVER IT and join me on the dark side!

     Here is how we keep our diaper stuff minus our cloth wipes because I completely forgot to take a picture of them. I have them in a wet bag made by Mama's Simple Solutions hanging off of the dresser. I have a lot of cloth wipes, at least half of them are from Mama's Simple Solutions!


Hope you enjoyed! Now, show me your stash!!

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  1. I think I am going to need to do this as soon as I have my new blog design done. I dread counting mine. DREAD!

  2. I love your stash! Mine is pretty basic. I have 5 FLIP inserts. I have like 5 econobum prefolds. I have 10 generic (similar to Kawaii) diapers that I absolutely love and I think I have roughly 17 bum genius. I have a ton more - but I don't like them as well and with having so many cloth in my stash I was getting lazy with my laundry. I'm getting ready to sell them to a cloth-newbie friend of mine to help her get started.

  3. Paulie uses mostly Mama's Simple Solutions diapers. We have her Zorb prefolds, her Zorb inserts, and her Zorb Bulk Savers. I also have one MSS fitted and a whole bunch of covers.

    I also have two Prim and Proper Baby fitteds. as well as a Good Mama fitted. I have a Heiney Liney cover and some size two Thirsties covers. I also have some Bummis covers. They're my least favorite covers, as they don't have the gusset that MSS and Thirsties covers have-- but oh, their prints are so cute. So.Cute!!

  4. Love your stash so many different patterns . I don't have any patterns at the moment but I've just order 24 diapers their use from a yt mommy . Yay I'm excited can't wait to share my newly stash .