Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sicky Baby

    Last night we were so proud of Haleigh. She had eaten a whole jar of applesauce!! Amazing! She usually has a few bites or has it mixed in with her oatmeal but never has she eaten that much. She went to sleep on time last night (9ish) which was awesome. However, about thirty minutes after we had laid her down she started to throw up. I know the sound well since she was a throw up baby when she first came home. I yelled for Tyrone and we picked her up and cleaned the crib out as best we could. We figured she was just over stuffed and she'd be fine now. That was not the case.. she threw up
four or five times last night. Between 8am and 10am she threw up 6 or 7 times. My poor baby! I called her doctor and was waiting for the nurse to call me back. I had brought her downstairs and was attempting to pack up a bag in case we had to go to the doctor's office or the ER. She wasn't keeping down anything - formula or water. She was moppy, didn't want to play, didn't want to do anything, she just wanted to lay down. She kept falling asleep sitting up. My poor baby. Finally, I called the doctor back after we tried an oz of formula and she threw up twice that amount. The nurse said we need to be careful of dehydration. She needs to have at least 3 wet diapers, make sure when she crys she's actually having tears, and to check her mouth and make sure it's not dry. For an hour and a half I wasn't allowed to give her
anything. I needed to let her tummy rest a little while. Then for four hours, every 5 minutes, she is suppose to get two teaspoons of water. After the four hours are up, she can get a tablespoon of water every 10 minutes for 4 hours. 8 hours from when we started we could try to reintroduce formula. For an hour and a half we were doing water every 5 minutes which by the way Haleigh hates. She is thirsty and she wants her water NOW! Instead of literally using a teaspoon I measured it and put it in the bottle. I was just filling up the bottle to that point each time but now I'm just letting her take two-three sips of the water bottle. She is not a happy camper. I pray she'll be better by this afternoon. I do not like having a sick baby. I feel helpless and as much as I love her cuddles, I'd much rather see her crawling around getting in to things.

    It's 8:45pm we've given her 2.5 oz of watered down formula and she kept it down. Thank goodness! She got in two good naps today, which I'm grateful for, in many ways. She seems to be doing better, still a little cranky but better. I hope she wakes up in her regular cheerful mood in the morning without any problems during the night. Pray for us.

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  1. Sweetie, get better. Hugs, mama. There seems to be a bug going around. I hope it is past her now. I hate when they are sick though!

  2. Oh, no, poor little thing, and poor Mama! That is so scary!! I'm so glad that she's keeping some formula down now! Keep us updated!

  3. My poor sweet bug! I hope she is much better today, and that you were able to rest - body and nerves. *hugs*