Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haleigh's Summer Recap

Since fall is here (FOOTBALL TIME!!!) I figured I should do a summer recap for Haleigh. She's such a little girl and has already done so much in her life!

In the end of May Haleigh went on her first road trip, a 9 hour drive to Georgia to go to her Daddy's family reunion. She was such a trooper! She did amazing on the car ride there, though I never had a doubt about that, after all, she is my child.
Haleigh went swimming for the first time,
Took lots of pictures with her cousins,
and took a generation family photo with her daddy, granpy, great-grampa, and great-grama.
After the family reunion we headed to South Carolina to see Haleigh's Aunt, Uncle and cousin.
After a great night and a wonderful morning at IHOP with Haleigh's MeMe, Granpy, Aunt and Cousin we went a little further north to see one of our closest friends Kristina.
Once Kristina left for work we "kept on trucking" further north to see Tyrone's best friend Kate.
 Haleigh's first road trip was a success! She was a little bit cranky on the way home but at least she didn't scream at the sight of the car. I think she was made for traveling!

June was spent swimming in the pool with some of Haleigh's friends: Cooper, Holden, and Adelea. The first time Haleigh got in the pool she wasn't amused but by the end of the summer she was a champ! She even learned how to splash.
 We moved in to our own apartment, just the four of us (that's right, Luckie is included!)
On Father's day Haleigh's first two teeth poked their way out
and the rest of June was mostly spent at her Mommy's work. Where Haleigh ate, slept, and met a ton of new friends!

July was a busy month! On the fourth of July Haleigh ate (carrots) for the first time
 and held her bottle all on her own four days later!
Haleigh hung out with all of her friends at Mommy's work every Saturday for our "Saturday group"
and dipped her toes, to her dismay, in a river on the day of one of our church's baptisms.
At the end of July was Mommy's family reunion and Haleigh's second road trip. This time 9 hours north to New York. Haleigh couldn't sit up on her own yet but had her very own camping chair.
 She spent her days lounging around with her GiGi wearing baseball caps and amusing the family with her funny faces.
Haleigh went swimming in her Aunt and Cousin's pool
and ate delicious deli pickles for the very first time.
We were very excited to bring Haleigh to the beach as this is one of her Mommy's all time favorite places in the world to be. We had it all set up, Haleigh's cousin Corinne was going to sit with her at the very edge of the waves while Mommy and Daddy swam in the ocean (after of course watching her play in the water first!).
Seconds after placing Haleigh in her seat a huge wave came right over her head! Thank God Cori was holding her hands, she picked her up and yelled "I got the baby!" Needless to say these were the scariest two seconds of my life! Haleigh, from then on out, was not a huge fan of the ocean. She would be fine until we would start to lower her then she'd scream like someone was beating her. Poor baby.
Let's hope it goes better next year.
After a long day at the beach there is nothing better to do then lounge by the campfire and take a little nap.
It's hard being the cutest baby ever!
After a long car trip, a week of camping, and being handed off to strangers Haleigh had a great time and still had a smile on her face as we were getting ready to get back in the car.

Haleigh spent most of August enjoying just hanging out with friends. Especially her friend Holden who came all the way from Pennsylvania JUST to see her!
One big thing that happened on August 26th was Miss Oh-So-Very-Proud-Of-Herself-Haleigh learned how to sit herself up!

The first half of September and last little bit of summer was a first-time filled two weeks! Haleigh learned to pull herself up on things
and just a few days later, at my moms house, trying to pull a cat's tail, she learned how to crawl!!
Haleigh went on lots of walks with Daddy and Luckie
and made her Aunt Angela cry on her birthday by showing her how much she loved her!
Haleigh also went to her very first sleepover party (though she didn't get to spend the night!) and, with no surprise, was the hit of the party!
In just a few short months Haleigh has grown so much! I can't believe how fast it is going. I was told it was going to go by fast and to enjoy it while I could. And I do, it's just hard to grasp the concept of time flying by until you have a kid of your own. Can't wait to see what our little girl has in store for us in the future!

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  1. OMG She is soooo cute!!!!I love the video of her sitting up! Seeing her grow gives me so much to look forward to :)