Thursday, October 27, 2011

"The List" Please help

Alright… through the years everyone has given me advice. Advice on how to make my pain stop because they read about someone/know someone/heard about a rumor about a coworkers brother’s wife’s cousin-in-law who was ‘cured’ of their endometriosis. I will admit I hate hearing those stories. I should love them right? I should love to know that there is hope out there for me. Well, it’s hard to feel hope when you feel like at any moment your time will be up because there is no way you can go on in this pain. Or worse, you can go on in this pain.
Well, I’m looking to hear your stories (again). I have an appointment with my doctor on November 10th and I’d like to go in there with every possible solution that has ever been heard of or rumored of. After I go through the list with her I’ll be going down the list myself. If it is financially possible for me to do it, I will do it. I do have an ‘except’ I will NOT do Lupron. I will also be going in with a list of reasons why, along with information on the lawsuit that is happening right now against them. So please, share whatever info you have with me and in the months to come please come back as I share my journey of “the list.”

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