Thursday, October 27, 2011

OH dear... where is your diaper?!

    Imagine, if you will, my living room filled with toys and two babies (one mine, one a little boy who I watch) who are happily playing. Haleigh is in her footie pjs and Coop is in his night gown. They are playing and giggling, they want absolutely nothing to do with me. So I decide to read. Not even five minutes later I see Haleigh on one side of the room giggling and Coop on the other side of the room complaining. I asked them what happened, as if a 9 and 10 month old were going to tell me. Then as Coop starts to crawl I realize he has a naked tush! I KNOW I put a diaper on him five minutes ago. What diaper did I put on him? Oh yes that green one in the corner by Haleigh, yes indeed, it was velcro. I always remember when she is wearing a velcro diaper to put bottoms on her because she pulls them off but I didn't think of her taking someone else's diaper off. Silly me! So in between laughs I tell Haleigh "no, no! We do not take diapers off our friends!" and I tell Coop I'm very sorry that his tush was exposed. I pick his wet self up, because if you are naked and someone steals your diaper, you must pee, it's the only right thing to do, and change him. Once he was diapered and with new clothes he was good to go. He crawled right over to Haleigh, took her bottle and threw it. TAKE THAT! Hahaha. I do love having my house filled with children.

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