Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ALL words Wednesday

     Before I do my 'wordless Wednesday' entry (by the way I always have so much to write about on Wednesdays) I'm going to show you my Wordle. Thank you to Carla Bubblelush I found a great site, Wordle, that produces "word clouds" from your blog, or whatever you provide. Here is mine.

     Maybe, just maybe, I have an addiction with Pintrest. It could also be that I always post on Thursday's about Pintrest and what I need to be doing is writing more often, not just doing Wednesday and Thursday blogs. 

*edit* Now that I'm looking at this more carefully I'm noticing a lot of websites I did not post about and I'm not seeing anything about Endometriosis. How could that be when I posted every day in the month of March about Endometriosis Awareness? 

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  1. that's pretty cool. I tried it too and it didn't show anything about endometriosis which is kind of weird...but the rest seemed pretty legit.