Monday, November 28, 2011

Round 2

     Today I had an appointment with Dr. Endo (this is what I'll be calling my new Endo doctor as my old one has left.. he'll be referred to as old Dr. Endo if need be) this afternoon. The last time I went to see Dr. Endo I wasn't a happy camper. This time I went in with the knowledge that we have done everything via the Urologist that he felt we needed to do and still I was in pain without an answer. The Urologist has tried me on two different meds - which made no difference in my pain and did something that I can't think of the name of where he viewed the inside of my bladder. He felt he ruled out IC along with anything else. We talked about how much pain I'm in and she, again, told me she didn't feel right doing surgery. She felt the cons outweighed the pros. So after a crying fit I continued and told her some of the new things that have come about: I was in so much pain that I blacked out the other day. I don't know for how long but I don't think it was very long (luckily I was sitting in a chair), my pain seems to steadily be increasing, when I'm in a lot of pain sometimes I can't eat because it makes me throw up (this has been more common then before), and sometimes when my pain is really bad my stomach will (for lack of words) blow up like a balloon - it looks like I'm 7 months pregnant again, my stomach gets really tight and hurts. I haven't noticed anything that truly helps that. I just have to wait for it to deflate. She said that that is NOT Endometriosis and she believes it to be something having to do with my GI tract. She said to me, stressed to me, that was NOT normal. I've had a colonoscopy within the last few years but I couldn't remember with who. I know they were going to do an endoscopy as well but I got pregnant and they assumed pregnancy would cure all my health problems. *epic eye roll* She said she was going to refer me to another GI doctor and that they would probably do an endoscopy along with a test where I drink dye and they watch it go through my system to see if there are any problems with that. She feels that is the best route for us to go. She said that, again, it's probably going to be a trial and error with them but hopefully that will help. Somehow we started talking about the Urologist again and I said that he had done a something scan and he didn't believe that I had IC. She didn't know that. I told her I thought I might get a second opinion because of how the exam went. I explained to her that he saw something but was "pretty sure" that it wasn't anything. Well I wasn't a hundred percent with his "pretty sure" so I took a picture of what he was talking about.
I pulled it up on my phone and showed her. She said it was definitely something she just doesn't know what. That was my conclusion too. I told her I was going to get a second opinion, she nodded in agreement. Then she said that after I go through the GI people and their try this and try that's, if I'm still in this much pain and they have no idea then she'll probably do a surgery. I think this bump worried her as much as it worried me.
     After we discussed everything having to do with my pain I said to her "Okay so now I have to ask you something that has absolutely nothing to do with your specialty" I think she is starting to get used to me because she just said okay. I reminded her that I had ITP in 2009 and was hospitalized and went through a ton of stuff to get rid of it. I told her that some of the signs that happened last time were bruising, easy bleeding, and a rash on my legs. Well I have a ton of bruises all over me and since my platelet count dropped so dramatically last time they said if I had any signs to get bloodwork done right away. I called the hematologist who proceeded to tell me they have no record of me and I'd have to schedule a new patient appointment with them which they could fit me in the first week of January. They suggested I call my regular doctor, who I called and they said I had to wait until my appointment - two weeks from now. I showed her some of my bruises and she said she was concerned but she couldn't do anything if my numbers were low. I told her I didn't want her to do anything.. I just need a CBC (blood count) and if my number were low I'd sit in their office till they saw me. She said she would be responsible for me if my numbers were low but since she doesn't handle that she would have to admit me to the hospital and they'd take it from there. She decided to refer me to the Hematologist there and if they had an appointment this week she wouldn't have my blood drawn but if they didn't then she would so at least we'd know something. They didn't have an appointment until next Monday but the lab had closed so now I have to go in tomorrow morning to get my blood drawn. I'm worried but I'm praying I'm just odd and it's not my platelets. So... to sum up: Endo is most likely not the problem for the new severe pain, I have to go see a GI and let them poke and prod me, I have to get my blood drawn tomorrow and hope it's high enough I don't have to be admitted to the hospital again. !!!! I just remembered I forgot to ask for a prescription of pain pills...pray for me!

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  1. Hunni, reading all this it made me cry remembering myself and what i've been going thru!!! WOW!!! Remember that even if they say it might not be Endo it can still be, they said the same to me and surgery came and i had Endo after all in my Bladder and intestines! Ugghhrrr you poor thing it's so horrible depending on DR's!!! I'm here if u nd anything...i'm gone pray for you and hopefully u get some answers