Thursday, November 10, 2011

Traveling with Cloth

    Traveling with cloth is not nearly as scary as I once thought it would be. Granted it involves bringing an extra bag but to be able to show off my fluff, well worth it! This past weekend we drove up to New Jersey to see my cousin in her first play. It wasn’t a short trip but for me I wouldn’t consider it a long trip either. It was about a 7 hour drive with the two stops we made. We left around 8pm so everyone but me, as I was the one driving, slept most of the way there. We stopped twice but only changed her once because she didn’t wake up our last stop.
     When planning our trip I decided what would be best was to have a smaller diaper bag in the car with us and our big diaper bag packed away in the trunk. No use in bringing that huge bag with us into the rest areas plus having it take up space in the backseat. Our small diaper bag aka in car bag had: 2 flip covers, 2 Econobum covers, 2 prefolds, 6 flip inserts (the only type of micro fiber I still have left), 2 good mamas, 20 wipes and a medium sized wet bag. I figured there was no way she would even come close to using all this in the car but better safe then sorry right!
     In our big diaper bag I had 5 prefolds, 1 econobum cover, 1 thirsties cover, 1 Drybees diaper, 1 swaddle bees diaper, 1 kawaii diaper, 1 baby dream eze diaper, 1 Pocket change diaper, 2 bottom bumpers, 2 grovia, 2 mama simple solution pockets, 3 fuzzibuns, more then 30 wipes in a medium sized wet bag and a large or weekend sized wet bag as well. Also I had three disposable diapers (that I had gotten in the mail when I was 3 months pregnant) hidden in case of an emergency. Let’s be honest there is no way a 9 and a half month old was going to go through 30ish diapers in two days but again better safe then sorry.
     I brought ‘easy’ diapers (pockets, AIO, AIT) for my Aunt, who was watching Haleigh while we went to the play and incase, for some reason, any one else was changing her. Tyrone and I prefer prefolds. We go through stages of which diaper is our favorites and not always at the same time. What are diapers some of you cloth diapering parents out there use? What kind do you prefer and do you throw in different ones if someone else will be changing your baby? My go to for someone else changing Haleigh is always a pocket. I’ve found that anything that has a tongue confuses people and prefolds scare people and although I think they are so simple, I would never ask someone who doesn’t CD to use a fitted.
     Back on track, our trip went wonderfully. We had no blow outs, we had absolutely no need to even look at a sposie and like I suspected, I over packed. For days after the trip I was still pulling things out of the diaper bags to change her with. This is our second long trip with cloth diapering and it went wonderfully. Have any of you ventured out for long trips with cloth diapers? Tell us about it!

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  1. I don't generally take long trips, but I do use cloth at work. I bring a Mama's Simple Solutions wetbag with me, and leave the dirty diapers in their wetbag outside! LOL