Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crafty December

     Through the month of December I've decided to be crafty, not that I'm not normally crafty but I've decided to be crafty daily in December. Every day I'm going to spend a little time on a craft. It can be the same craft as the day before as long as I'm adding to it in some way. I'm not going to post my finished projects until after Christmas for obvious reasons unless the project was for me! Day 1-3 was spent on one present which is now complete. Day 3 was also spent on a fail of a crochet project. Day 4 has been spent on an unexpected and quick project that must be done by tomorrow.

Sneak peak Day 1

Sneak peak Day 4
(the flash on phone did something weird to the color - this is not the color it looks like in person)

     What are some of your crafts for the month?

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  1. Nice stuff! I am thinking of taking back up knitting. I learned the basic stitch a few years back but have not done much with it since.