Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family dance time.... to NCIS?

     As I sit here and watch my daughter dance to the tune of NCIS, I was wondering what shows you all listen to. Do you only watch some shows as a family? Do you have certain shows you watch all on your own?  What's on your DVR?

Here are some of our favorite family shows


Covert Affairs

Storage Wars

We usually watch Biggest Loser together as well but not this season. And OF COURSE we watch Sunday night and Monday night football. I usually catch the beginning and the end of the game - sometimes I watch the whole game - usually if it's the Steelers game.

A new series that I've started to watch and we sometimes watch together is
Hawaii Five 0

The shows that I watch on my own - usually during the day while Haleigh is sleeping or at night when she's just gone to bed and Tyrone is on the computer are

Sister Wives


Once Upon a Time

Army Wives

     I've, literally, just started watching Army Wives and I like it a lot more then I thought I would. Anyway, those are most of the shows we watch - well at least watch on the regular. Thoughts? Comments? Recommendations?

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  1. You're welcome for your NCIS addiction. Yes, I'm taking full credit. lol