Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

     I'm going to fall in step and recap 2011. I went in to the year having a beautiful baby girl, then... my pain felt a little better, I made some amazing friends, I started a new job, I made more amazing friends, we went on a ton of family vacations together, we moved in to our own apt, I quit my job, I became a nanny/stay at home mom, I started blogging (on this website), I started reviewing books (seriously... what is better then free books?!), my pain got worse, I was promised a surgery then my doctor left and the new doctor said no to surgery, I've had more and more pain in odd places, more health issues, my mom scared me with her health issues, my sister is now a SENIOR in high school, our little one learned so many things to roll over, to crawl, to sit up, to cruise, to take a few steps at a time, to babble, to say mom, dad, no, yeah, and repeats just about everything we say. So many great things happened in 2011!

     I'm looking forward to 2012 because I know it's going to be filled with fun and love! Our baby is going to be 1 soon and we're about to have our 7 year anniversary! 2012 is going to be great and here are some of my goals to make/keep it that way:

1. More time playing board/card games together
2. More time at the park
3. Attempt to eat dinner at the dining room table
4. Read more to Haleigh
5. Introduce different types of music to Haleigh
6. Save at least $800 in savings
7. Have more fun
8. Laugh more often
9. Cry less often
10. Read more (possible? YES!)
11. Movie night - every friday!
12. Picnic in mountains
13. Take more pictures (possible? Also, YES!)
14. Have more date nights
15. Try to not stress over the little things that won't mean anything later in life!

     So with that done, I hope you all have a fun and safe new years. There are so many ways for you not to drive drunk/high/anything, please remember to be smart, if not for you, for the person  you may kill. If you are a teenager who is reading this, try to keep your stupid to a minimum or at the very least keep it at a maximum in one place and don't travel. If you are an adult, be one - don't act like a child. We always spend our New Years Eve with family and don't travel so no worries on our end. Well, I'll talk to you all in 2012! HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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