Thursday, December 29, 2011

Silly Mama!

The picture that I was going to use
for Wordless Wednesday 
     Haleigh-bug is at a play date with the little boy that I babysit for. I'm suppose to be cleaning right now but I figured I'd take an hour out of my cleaning time to have me time. I'm catching up on Youtube videos and blogs and enjoying it but want to know something silly? I miss my baby. She's only been gone for an hour and it's not like this is the first time I've been away from her but I miss her so much. Most mommies appreciate some time away from their baby ... well today isn't that type of day.
     T (the little boy's Dad) came to pick up Haleigh this morning. After putting her in the car and giving her some kisses I waved goodbye and came inside. The second I shut the door I said "nope, don't like it. I MISS MY BABY!" I called my mom right away to tell her what a dork I was. She assured me that sometimes it's just like that, some days you just want your baby all to yourself. Have I ever shared how much I love my mother? Especially when she agrees I'm a dork but tells me it's justified.    
     T-minus 2ish hours until Haleigh comes home.

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