Saturday, March 31, 2012

Endometriosis Awareness Day 31 - Thank you!

March 1st is the beginning of Endometriosis Awareness Month. This is the day we ask everyone to wear "Yellow for Endo" to show your support and spread awareness of this disease. I ask my friends and family to please take pictures of them in their yellow so I can add it to a support album I have. This year I had an amazing turn out! I am so glad for all the support that I have! I was going to also post pictures of statuses and such that were also geared towards Endo awareness but I didn't want to broadcast everyone's first and last names on my blog. So those who posted things other then pictures of themselves in yellow - thank you so much! It did not go unnoticed! I appreciate all the love and support I have.

Haleigh in her yellow ..with a spoon :)

Tyrone at work 

My purse

Haleigh's diaper bag

Me and Haleigh

I tweeted to many people about wearing yellow for Endometriosis and guess who not only re-tweeted my tweet but also wrote this...

These next pictures are all of my sister and her friends.. the awareness that was spread through a local high school amazes me.

This is my sister's choir class... did this bring tears to your eyes?
 It did to mine...

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you all for showing your support!!

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