Thursday, March 1, 2012

     I won't lie to you guys. I'm a twi-hard. What is a twi-hard you ask? says: "a combination of the words "Twilight" and "Die-hard", twihards are obessive fans of the "Twilight Saga" sereies of books by author Stephenie Meyer, and the film adaptations.... Comment or remark to a Twihard, and she can relate it to Twilight instantly."
    Why Twilight? I couldn't tell you. I've heard all the arguments against the books, trust me I have some Twilight hating friends, but I just love the books. It's written in a way that makes you almost believe it's real. While reading these books, instead of taking me to another world, it just took me to a forest across the country, to a real town. It's pretty simple. I fell in love with the story.
    I decided to share my love for twilight with you guys in three parts. Visiting Forks and La Push, visiting Twilight movie sets, and other. I'm going to start with the last first.

Breaking Dawn Book Release Party 
we drove an hour and a half away to go to a midnight release party to get this book. 

Earrings, our support ribbons for our bags, our red ribbons for our bags, and our necklaces.

Angela's braclet

Front of my bag

Back of my bag

Back of Angela's bag

Front of Angela's bag

Front of my shirt

Back of my shirt
Horrible picture? YES! me and Angela

Me, Tyrone, Angela (Yes, my boyfriend is the best sport EVER)

Our shoes: mine: TEAM SWITZERLAND, Angela's: Team Edward
Glittering like vampires


getting our books (see how high my cheek bones were?! TOTALLY CHEESING!)


That's right! Tyrone drove home so I could read with my flashlight all the way back!

 Twilight pumpkin

Twilight movie time
Twilight stamps? I think yes!

Twilight Midnight DVD release
also known as Tyrone's birthday (hence the birthday cupcake)

Wearing the hat I bought IN Forks? YES!

New Moon Midnight Premiere

more movie times..

Eclipse Midnight Premiere
I can't find ANY pictures from this night but I know they exist. I also know we went later on with my cousins however I was VERY pregnant and don't think I took any pictures of that :( However, I do have a picture of the "Cullens" who dress up every year and also go to the premieres!

Breaking Dawn pre-movie party/midnight movie premiere
We decorated in all black and red
I dressed my daughter in black and red. DO NOT JUDGE

We made rapunzel braid scarfs with black, red, and white fabrics

We made awesome T-shirts and we had TRIVIA while watching the three previous movies!!! 
This is the group of us that went! We had a great time!!!
Again.. my boyfriend, the great sport, helped me and a friend finish braiding our scarfs IN the theater. People watched us. 
Did I mention we wore veils? 
Breaking Dawn Movie Pick-up
this is the FIRST midnight movie release I didn't go to... I was really sick.

My Bookcase
(at two different point in times)

You know you want to ask me 'whats with the drift wood and rocks?' They are from La Push... and that picture.. yeah that's me in front of Forks chamber of Commerce!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed... more craziness to come!

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  1. Wow, you are a twi-hard fan. I love the series too. And my hubby likes them as well. :)

    Have you read the Hunger Games?? We love that series too. The movie comes out in a couple of weeks. :)

  2. You and Angela are too cute!! I love all the pictures. I especially love that Sam is in one :)

    I can't wait for pictures of the Hunger Games premiere too... hopefully I can get the apartment clean and we can have a small pre-party here to celebrate the movie AND my birthday... in fact, I think it's a must! :)

  3. haha team head board <3 LOVE it. I completely forgot you bought that hat in Forks... lol. I still pet my keychain now and then... woot. And also? Is that the picture I took of you in front of the Forks place? lol either way... I heart your Twi shelf. yay Twilighhht! I have a Twi shelf too... yay. YAY for this entry. Just. YAY some more. AHAHAHHHAAA <3<3<3<3