Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Canary List - Book Review

The Canary List
by Sigmund Brouwer

"Protected by the dark of night, Jaimie Piper runs. But is anywhere safe when Evil is hunting you?

She’s just a twelve year-old girl, bumped around between foster homes and relegated to school classes for challenged kids, those lagging in their test scores or with behavioral issues. But her real problem is that she can sense something the other kids can’t—something dark. Something compelling her to run for her life.

All Crockett Grey wants is to mark the anniversary of his daughter’s death alone.

But when his student Jaimie comes to him, terrified, her need for protection collides with his grief, and a tangled web of bizarre events sends them both spiraling toward destruction.

Crockett’s one hope of getting his life back is to uncover the mysterious secrets of Jaimie’s past and her strange gift. It isn’t long before his discoveries lead him to a darker conspiracy, secrets guarded by the highest seat of power in the world—the Vatican"

     After reading the Prologue of The Canary List I found myself disinterested. This was a book I was throughly looking forward to, however, it did not seem as awesome as I thought it would be. Around Chapter 4 I realized that although I was still skeptical I could not stop reading. This book has sucked me in, big time! Around Chapter 13 I kept wondering.. how many more plots will be added to this story? And why isn't it annoying me instead of drawing me in? The answer is simple. This was a very well written book. The story is told by a man who is just trying to make it through every day life as a teacher, father, neighbor, and (regrettably) an ex-husband, when one of his students throws his world upside down. Jaimie, a 12-year old orphan, trusts no one besides her therapist and possibly Mr. G, her teacher. When she feels like something Evil is coming after her and she can not get a hold of her Doctor, the only person she can think to run to is Mr. G. She is sure he will save her. Instead he ends up in jail. This nail biting mystery has so many characters that just when you think you are going to get lost in the story Brouwer starts bringing them together one by one. At the very end you are thrown for a loop. Will you believe him? This Mystery-Adventure-Scientific Fiction book is not one you will want to pass on. 

* I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review * 

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