Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Real Diaper Week - GCDC and Washing routine

     Welcome to Real Diaper Week! The week leading up to earth day will be a week filled with cloth diaper advocacy and education. Each day, participating bloggers, will be posting on different things having to do with cloth. Today, along with a video about the Great Cloth Diaper Change of 2012, I'll be sharing my washing routine.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday we wash diapers, or at least, we attempt to stick to this schedule and here's how it goes:
- Clean off all diapers that haven't already been cleaned off (aka - poop in toilet)
- Remove all inserts from pocket diapers
- Put in washer for a cold soak. For the soak you want to use as much water as possible.
- Let soak for about 4 hours (or overnight - all depends on when I put them in)
- Run through cold cycle.
- Run through a long hot cycle with 2 scoops of Rockin' Green detergent
- Run through a medium warm cycle with 1 scoop of Rockin' Green detergent
- (Sometimes I) run through an extra cold rinse
- All things that are waterproof - pocket diapers minus inserts, diaper covers get hung up to dry while all inserts go in the dryer on low heat. If it's possible to hang everything outside to dry in the sun I'd suggest that however, my apartment complex won't allow us to.

What is your washing routine? Share yours below!

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