Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Good Friend Deserves Another - Book Review

One Good Friend Deserves Another
by Lisa Verge Higgins

"We all want to protect our friends from heartbreak. So Dhara, Kelly, Wendy, and Marta had sworn to uphold these rules.
But now Dhara is accepting her traditional Indian parents' choice for a husband. Kelly is secretly dating someone her friends know well but will never approve of. Engaged Wendy doubts her instincts and may be about to make the same mistake twice. And Marta doesn't want to wait six months to find love because her biological clock is ticking. 
So hearts are about to be broken and friendships will be tested. Can you break the rules of romance and still find true love?"

     Add this to your beach reading books! This is a pretty light read, nothing too intense. One Good Friend Deserves Another takes you through the life of four girlfriends who have grown with each other through college and in to their late thirties. They are always there for one another and when one makes a questionable decision the rest step in for an 'intervention.' At some points during the book, I did forget how old they were, imagining in my head that they were still in college or around that age. In the very beginning of the book, I got lost a lot, when the author would go from one character to another. However, a few chapters in I had caught up and really enjoyed the rest of the book.

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