Tuesday, October 2, 2012

YOUR BRAIN IS BLEEDING - oh wait, you're fine.

     Yesterday was a scary day for me! Let's back up a second and I'll tell you what has been going on lately with me, health wise. For the past three weeks I've had a constant headache that turned in to a migraine and then went beyond that. I had one day last week where I had a few hours mid week where I had no pain in my head and it was wonderful! However, it came back. Two weeks ago I started getting dizzy and nauseous, along with tons of hot flashes. Which, by the way, is not fun. I've also been
extremely thirsty! My first thought was, diabetes. I had gestational diabetes and both of my parents have diabetes, so obviously it's a concern. I borrowed my mom's extra meter and started checking my sugar levels. They were completely normal, which is great, however - now I have no idea what is wrong. So I went to the doctor yesterday and told them every thing that was going on. They seemed very concerned. They made me do some things and let's add to the list of weird things going on: when I tilt my head forward it hurts my neck and I see spots, along with blurry vision on the sides. The doctor decided I needed to be seen in the ER because it was too late to have the tests done in the regular hospital and get the results back right away. I said okay well I just have to run home and I'll have my mother drive
me back. They said no I couldn't do that. I said alright let me just drive down the street to get my grandmother so she can have her car. Nope, can't do that either. I was literally across the street from the hospital - they could have taken me over in a wheel chair. I was driven in an ambulance. I told them "Nothing like scaring a girl, guys." haha. Before they took me over the doctor said they were worried about my platelet count and possibly bleeding in my brain. Very scary. I've heard that before though so I didn't freak out at this point.
     Once I got to the ER, the doctor said she was concerned because my eyes were dilated  I asked what that meant to her. She said it could mean something is wrong with my head, specifically my brain. Wonderful. At this point I was definitely getting more nervous. I was concerned my platelets were low, which I have a history of, and they weren't taking my blood right away. I was told I was going to get a CT scan to make sure there wasn't any bleeding happening in my brain and that wasn't happening right away. The more I sat there, the more my blood pressure raised, and the more I thought of the worst. I ended up getting my CT scan and blood taken within two hours, then came the waiting.
     After four hours of being in the ER (in the hallway, by the way, so I couldn't even watch Monday night football!) I was told that my platelets were normal "Okay, whats the number?" "Uhm...250ish?", and my CT scan showed nothing other then some blocked sinuses that "could be contributing to my headaches." I was sent home. So at this point I'm hungry, my head is killing me, I was scared shitless then dismissed, AND I missed football. I was NOT in a good mood.
     Anyway, I am now home with a headache. Thank goodness today it is a little bit better and I'm hoping it stays that way. I am so grateful for my mother who is here! She helped me yesterday when I had to go to the doctors then stayed all night with Haleigh. Now she's here with helping me today. I don't know where I would be without my family! I love them so much!

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  1. How scary! I'm glad everything is okay. I hope the headaches go away soon or they find out what is causing it. It's great you have your family there to help!