Saturday, July 12, 2014

How much is too much?

            It was recently brought to my attention that I, potentially, am over sharing personal information. I am not talking about such things as sharing potty training stories or intimate pictures that some people may share. No, I am talking about the symptoms and effects of my heath issues and after thinking it over, possibly they were quite right.
            I cannot speak for anyone but myself but I think for people living with chronic illnesses we become desensitized to ‘over’ sharing. I know that because of having to go to, at the very least, five doctors before finding someone who would help me in some way, I have been desensitized to such words as: uterus, vagina, ovaries, bleeding, and so on. There have been times in my life where I have gone to numerous doctors/specialist multiple times within one week. With that many doctors’ appointments, one becomes use to sharing symptoms, no
matter the severity of embarrassment. I often do not even realize that I am over sharing until the person I am talking to cringes or makes a funny face. This does not just stop with me though, because of me using these terms in my (pretty much) daily conversations, my family is also use to hearing and using these words. So not only does this affect me it is now influencing my family’s vocabulary. I imagine this is a problem with many people dealing with chronic pain and if you are one of them please let me know I am not alone!
            Now, having said all this, I have no plans on changing my ways. I am sure with effort I could think and rethink what I am going to say before saying it and make sure there is not any health jargon within it, but would that be fair to me? This is my life, these are my conditions, and I should not have to curve my words to make sure no one cringes. Especially, since there is no way to even explain Endometriosis or PCOS without mentioning girly parts. So I guess this is my way acknowledging that I am aware that saying “my ovaries hurt really bad because it’s almost ovulation time” may be a little bit on the overwhelming side, but this can be your way of acknowledging you have a friend with a chronic illness and this is probably the least offensive way to explain how they are feeling. Also, on the plus side it can help you acknowledge how lucky you are that you either do not have ovaries or cannot feel where yours are located. At the very least it will help your want to find a cure so the discussion of my uterus can be off the table.

Spread Awareness people!

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