Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another Great Article Published by Huffington Post

     A few days ago, I posted an article published on Huffington Post and today I would like to share another article published on the same site. This article goes quite in depth and I think is a very good read. Here are some great highlights:

     "Sadly, in contrast to its high prevalence, widespread public awareness and advocacy for endometriosis is close to non-existent. Even leading advocates in women's reproductive health like Byllye Avery, founder of the National Black Women's Health Project and McArthur Genius Award recipient, are dismayed to only recently learn of the devastating impacts of endometriosis. Misinformation regarding endometriosis, on the other hand, looms large. In the U.S., women and girls who suffer from endometriosis symptoms experience deep-seated stigma and are wrongfully accused by both their support networks and the medical establishment as being attention-seeking, lazy, promiscuous, or crazy. On average, women in the U.S. see 5 physicians and wait 8-11 years before being diagnosed. That means a 14-year-old girl with symptoms may not even have a name for the cause of her pain until she is well into her twenties.
     With missed school, lost wages, and social isolation, endometriosis systematically keeps girls from reaching their full potential and thus needs to be integrated into these larger social justice movements.
     Once there is greater awareness, we can work towards developing effective treatment. No young woman should have to worry about missing school or missing out on life because she is suffering silently from endometriosis. These women need a voice in women's health and more broadly, social justice, so that ultimately they can speak out about their suffering and know they will be helped instead of dismissed or, worse, ostracized."

Please, take the time to read the whole article: Endometriosis Is a Social Justice Issue

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