Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Endometriosis Worldwide March

Worldwide Endo Walk 2015
Washington, D.C.

     This year for the EndoMarch we were more prepared, we got a hotel room in D.C. for the whole weekend. Last year, we got a hotel room outside of D.C. and only for the night of the march. This year we were much less rushed, however, you cannot account for everything. This year is was not nearly as cold as the year before but because they did not want us to have to freeze like we did last year they moved the pre-march inside a hotel. Thank goodness I
checked my facebook page right before we left because we were going to head to the designated spot in the park. Apparently, there was a lot of confusion because there was no one at the park directing people to the hotel or they were giving wrong information, I'm not sure, I am just grateful we were at the hotel. I met up with some of Team Virginia and I jumped in as many pictures as humanly possible. Last year I had NO pictures with Team Virginia and I was NOT about to let that happen again. Last year I was in so much pain from walking to and from and being in the car, this year I was well rested and ready to photo bomb as many pictures as I could!
     Once everyone, or the majority of people were there, we heard from a bunch of different precinct managers, wonderful ladies who told us their stories. Needless to say I had a lot of tears. It is amazing how different, yet exactly the same all of our stories are. One woman (who is also a doctor) reminded us to remember that doctors are human too, they make mistakes, they are not God. I think that is so important to remember. Sometimes it is hard to remember that these doctors do not know it all. That they are just regular people too.
     After we heard from everyone, we got on buses and headed to the park.
My group got separated, which I guess is to be expected since we had 13 people. Grandma actually opted to stay at the hotel and wait for us to come back. So, the majority of my group got on one bus and my two cousins and I got on another. We kind of circled the capital building and got dropped off at the park- into a sea of yellow. This is the part where it got very confusing. At one point we were  definitely  with Team Virginia. Then something happened and I seemed to lose the whole team. I don't think that we were going the right way because the walk was much longer then it said it would be, we crossed a ton of streets (which is not really march appropriate right? I mean the theory is to
stick together. No?), and we had to go up stairs. People in wheel chairs were having to get out of their wheel chairs and walk up the stairs. I just think things got confused because there was a last minute change of where everything was going to be because of the weather. Other then being exhausted, it was a great march! We came together as a group. I felt more united then we did last year. This year everyone was cheering and yelling. We were getting cars to honk their horns. It was very exciting! There was much more participation this year and it felt amazing!
     Once we got back to hotel we received our medals (this still really excites me!), ate, and
danced the night away. It was a great night where we could listen to other women's stories, we could make new friends and see friends we made the previous year. A night where supporters could come together and talk, because that is super important too. This disease does not just do us in, it also puts a huge toll on the people who support us. I ask my family to come to the march not just to show support for me but to support them as well. It is not an easy task to take care of someone who is not able to take care of themselves. It can be extremely frustrating.
     The march was a great  accomplishment! I was very excited about the turn out, not just in general but for my family; I had 12 people there supporting me. 12!! That is amazing! I am so lucky to have so many great people behind me. I cannot wait to see what is in store for next year.
3 of the babies didn't belong to our group but how adorable are they?!

*I have major brain fog right now, so if any of this does not make sense, I  sincerely apologize*

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