Friday, March 13, 2015

What Does Endometriosis Pain Feel Like?

I was planning on going on one of the support forums I am apart of and asking the women there to explain what having pain from Endometriosis feels like to them. However, while researching different articles to post throughout March I came upon a blog that did that exact thing. I am going to put some of her post here but I highly encourage you to check out the whole article HERE!

I asked a question that I myself have a very difficult time answering... How would you describe your Endo Pain? I was overwhelmed with the openness of these women, within two hours I received these responses. These warriors are my Endo Sisters we are 176 million strong globally and united together by this disease.

“A knife stabbing my ovaries.”

“Like someone shredded my insides and is pouring lemon juice over the open wounds and taking sand paper over them at the same time on top of cramps.”

"On the worst pain day? Feels like my uterus is slowly being pulled out of me by a white-hot rusty tow hook.”

Knives constantly shredding my insides... unrelenting

“Depends on the day, for me. Ovulating, feels like someone is taking a knife and tearing through my ovaries. On a "normal" day, constant aches, joint pain, horrible back pain, chronic fatigue, and exhaustion.

“I feel like I'd imagine getting stabbed in the stomach feels. It's a burning throb. It also feels like everything is all fused together in my stomach so if I Stand too quickly, it pulls and yanks my organs and it’s so painful I have to sit back down or pass out.”

“My lower back feels like I've injured my spine in an accident and it’s in the process of healing. As for the front; I think women without endo couldn't tell you the exact position of their ovaries inside them, for us, I could point my finger on them. It's as if someone has got a clamp over both sides of me and is twisting until there is no more times it can turn and then dragging them towards each other. It's nauseating, debilitating, sometimes I scream out in pain when I get the quick stabbing, and no amount of pain killer will fix it.”

“Agonizing. Also physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. For me my back pain is just ... unbearable at times. At one point it was so bad I thought I had a serious back or spinal injury.”

“Like Call of Duty behind my belly button. Grenades. Everywhere.”

“Someone stabbing me in my ovary then taking what is left of it and wringing it out like an old dishcloth...all day”

“I thought I was dying. I cannot run anymore because it hurts terribly, like its bouncing around and pulling everything apart. I read all our posts and yes, that's how it feels but it’s almost like there are No words that can give a true explanation. “

“My doctor once said imaging a million spider webs inside of you and every time u move some of those strands rip and break causing pain...”

“Like someone shredded my insides and is pouring lemon juice over the open wounds and taking sand  paper over them at the same time on top of cramps.”

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