Sunday, March 12, 2017

Endometriosis and Exercise - Endometriosis Awareness Month

The one thing that I am always told is to exercise to help with my Endo pain. The Center for Young Women's Health did an article on Endometriosis and nutrition. In the article they list a few reasons why exercising can help with the pain you're experiencing. 
  • Exercise releases endorphins. When we exercise, our brain releases “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. These naturally occurring hormones work like pain relievers to lower pain. It only takes about ten minutes of moderate exercise (any exercise that makes you sweat or breathe hard) for your body to start making these chemicals.
  • Exercise improves circulation. Moderate exercise gets our heart pumping and improves the blood flow to our organs. This is important because our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to important body systems.
  • Regular exercise lowers the amount of estrogen in the body. Since the goal of endometriosis treatment is to lower estrogen levels, regular exercise may help improve endo symptoms.
Thinking about exercising while being in so much pain can be very intimidating. I understand, I've been there. It was suggested to me to try low impact yoga and/or pilates, so I would like to share some videos with you that I have tried. If you have any exercise routines or videos that have helped you please feel free to share!

This is video has a larger range of movement. 

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