Sunday, March 5, 2017

You Are Not Alone - Endometriosis Awareness Month

Before her death, Julia helped produce a short, but poignant film to help educate others about the real effect of living with chronic pain. Her father David believes the words are a stark reminder of how the condition affects sufferers.

You can’t see me,
You probably do not even know I exist,
I am chronic pain,
I wreck lives,
I destroy happiness,
I tear relationships apart, shatter dreams,
I stop careers in their tracks,
I may even take your home and empty your bank account,
And let’s not forget to mention the daily, physical pain I will cause you,
I can appear at any time,
And I do not discriminate,
Beware – one day I may even take your life away."

Although no official research has been done to correlate depression (and/or suicide) with women who suffer from Endometriosis, we know the numbers are high. Any forum you go into you see women struggling with how to go on, how to live a life that you can barely participate in. It is an every day struggle for some.

I want to share a few articles about Endometriosis and depression with you.

I urge you to read Julia Kelly's story here and about the foundation her parents have started here.

Rachel Cohen writes here about the emotional elements that accompany the physical aspects of this disease. Guilt. Inadequacy. Anger. Jealousy. Loneliness. Loss. Depression.

In another article, Dr. Bridge-Cook says "We have a long way to go to change the way our health care system deals with endometriosis, which is currently failing many women with this disease. From long delays in diagnosis, to persistence of medical misinformation about the disease, to poor access to quality multidisciplinary care—all of these areas and more need improvement. In the meantime, women are still suffering, feeling like their quality of life will never improve, and feeling hopeless and depressed about their futures."

I also want to share a poem I came across written by Crystal called The Devil Inside Me. Part of it saying

"Upwards and onwards I face the day like a clown
In reality I just want to break down
I hide behind humour a smile and a mask
Hiding this from everyone is no easy task
Everyday life can be so very hard
For deep inside Im physically scarred"

There are no shortage of stories to share about those who feel this way or have left us too early due to this horrible disease. If you find yourself in a situation where the depression has become too much please reach out to family, friends, or you doctor. If you cannot do that, call your local suicide hotline and seek help.

You are not alone. We are millions strong.

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