Wednesday, May 24, 2017

She is Strong, She is Fierce, She is Full of Fire!

     I wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday however I have words to say. It is hard being in a relationship where you are being mentally and verbally abused. The abuser does not leave marks for people to see and usually is the most charismatic person ever, in front of other people. When you are being mentally and verbally abused you are told you are worthless, everyone thinks this of you they just won't say it to your face, it isn't abuse it's the truth, you deserve what is being said, you do nothing right, if only you were a little bit better, etc. They break you down until you start to believe what they say. Maybe you are making things up to start an argument, maybe you don't do as much as you thought, maybe they're right - no one else would want you. They say these things so often you start to believe it. When it isn't happening to you, it sounds easy to just say that the person can just walk away. However, if you've been told you can't survive on your own, you are lazy and worthless, all this by someone who supposedly loves you - it is hard to believe in yourself. It takes amazing strength and courage to say that you will no longer take this. You will no longer deal with this. That you ARE worth everything and more. To leave it all behind.

Happy Anniversary to one of my bestest!