Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Top 5 Fandoms

Today's Top 5 is Top 5 Fandoms. What is a fandom? A fandom is the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something. Or the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture. So essentially these are the top 5 things I fangirl over. 

     Yeah, yeah. If you aren't a fan of Twilight then you've most likely made fun of those who are fans of Twilight. I am not the biggest fan of the movies - at least the first two but I am a huge fan of the books. I have read and reread the books. These books are the first books I fell in love with, the first books I stood in line for at midnight and the first books that truly let me just escape from the world I was in. The best part? They take place in our world - a place that I can actually visit. Which I have and thoroughly enjoyed. I'm grateful for this series. It came at a time I needed it and it made me fall in love with YA books. 

Harry Potter
    I was late to the Harry Potter fandom. I had tried to read the books when they first came out but I just couldn't get past the first book, no matter how hard I tried. Once the movies came out I fell in love with them. A few years ago I started reading the books and slowly but surely I'm making my way through them. I think having a visual and having heard someone pronounce the words has helped me a lot. I definitely think that is what was holding me back. 

     I just discovered this show 2ish years ago and oh my goodness. It is amazing! It's got everything and I love it. I could gush for days but I won't. If you've watched it I'm sure you love it just as much as me. I'm currently beginning season 11 and I am SO excited! 

Marvel Movies
     Yeah - I say movies because I haven't followed the comics. I know nothing of the story lines except for what the movies tell me. I love all things that go KA-BOOM so obviously these are some of my favorite movies. I can watch them over and over and never get bored. I can't explain why I love them so much, just that I do. 

     I love the music, the princesses that everyone says are weak but are really strong, the art, the sidekicks and did I mention the music? I have so many favorite Disney movies but I think my top three are Beauty and the Beast, Moana, and Tangled. Ugh, let's go with top four because I love The Little Mermaid too! I am that girl who gets an autograph book every time I go to Disney, I cry during the shows that are put on, I geek out over seeing princesses, and I HAVE to see Pluto (my favorite character)! We went to Disney World for out honeymoon - I mean really... need I say more?

     What are your five fandoms? Let me know below!

Also all the AMAZING artwork above was done by Alice X. Zhang and you can go to her Deviant Art page here or her facebook page here. You've got to see her work - it was hard to just pick one for each fandom!

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