Monday, June 19, 2017

A Pre-Doctor Update

So.. today we're taking Haleigh to her dr to talk about her headaches. I'm a nervous wreck but trying not to be. I want her to go to a neurologist. Here are my notes:

Haleigh fell on Sept 28th. She was dizzy, nauseous, and tired afterward. We took her to the ER and she didn't get past Triage the doctor decided she was okay and had a 'minor concussion.' We did not learn until later that there is no such thing as a minor concussion - you either have one or you don't. 
     After this, she had more tantrums and screaming. When she has these tantrums she's completely uncontrollable. The tantrum would then turn in to her crying about how her head hurts so bad. I've had to hold her with an ice pack on her head after giving her Advil and just hum to her until the medicine kicks in. At first, I did not put two and two together. I thought well, of course, you are having a headache you have been screaming and crying for 40 minutes! It didn't occur to me that the tantrum may be left over symptoms of the concussion. This did not happen a lot. Maybe once a week - sometimes once every other week. 
     Sometime Mid May a kid at her school pulled out a chair she was about to sit on (on purpose - she was being mean) and Haleigh went backward and hit her head. I was not called by the school and didn't find out until the next day. Apparently, she was screaming crying in pain and they took her to the nurse and sent the girl home from school that day.
    Since then she's had headaches almost every day. Sometimes she has to stop playing to sit down for a few minutes because her head is hurting 'pounding like my heart'. Most of the time when we go out to play with friends she's okay then we get home and she's crying from her head hurting. We have not had a day where we went out somewhere (where she was playing) where we came home and her first reaction wasn't to grab an ice pack and go lay down with it on her head. 
    She's been having, even more, tantrums, she's not listening. She'll be fine and being good then it's like a switch is flipped and she's not listening, demanding to do things her way, throwing herself at you, talking back, then crying hysterically that she doesn't know why she's being so bad. She says she knows she's being bad and can't seem to stop herself.
    Another thing is she'll say something and then five seconds later say she didn't say that. like "NO MOM I WILL NOT" then I'll be like don't tell me no. "I didn't! I'm going to do it. I didn't say no!" Yeah, you did. There's a ton of these examples. I'll ask her what she wants to eat then make it and she'll be like i didn't say I wanted that. Things like that
    Could this be her just being a brat? Absolutely. Yes, she could be going through a stage. It could just be a coincidence. But what if it's not? And it most definitely is not normal for a 6 year old to get headaches like this. I'm worried they'll toss my concerns aside because my whole family gets migraines. However, they did not start for most of us until much later in life. 

Wish us luck!

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