Friday, June 16, 2017

Oh So Frustrated

    I am very frustrated. I take many medicines a day, which in it self annoys me. I take medicine for depression and my thyroid in the morning. At night time I take medicine to stop me from having a period,  a medicine for my PCOS to regulate my hormones, a muscle relaxer for my pelvic floor issues, and a medicine to help my stomach not be a drama queen. I have been out of my thyroid medicine for about a month because for some reason my doctors office wasn't responding to my phone calls or emails. I wrote them about three weeks before I was out because I had no more refills. Nothing. I wrote them a week and a half before I was out and had the pharmacy call them. Nothing. The day before I was out I called, emailed, and had the pharmacy call. Nothing. A week after being out the pharmacy said they'd call a few times for me. Nothing. Last week (this is a month and a half
 after I started calling) they called me to tell them that before they can refill they want to test my thyroid. I laughed. I explained that since they haven't refilled my medicine. I have been out of this medicine for nearly a month. I told her that I had called and sent requests my self and the pharmacy did as well starting three weeks before my medicine ran out. They are just getting back to me and I've been out for a month. So they can test me but all that test is going to say is that I need to be on thyroid medicine. She said oh.. uh. I'm sorry for that. I will talk to the doctor. In the meantime let's make an appointment for you. I laughed and agreed. Later that day I received an email saying that there was no point in me coming in until I have the medicine in my system for a month. So they were calling in my medicine to my requested pharmacy (the hospital - this is what all of my emails, calls, and the pharmacy has told them). Once I had taken it for a month come in and get the blood work done and they'll give me enough for the next year. Due to life I wasn't able to get to the hospital pharmacy until yesterday. It wasn't actually me who went it was my grandmother. Guess what they didn't have? My thyroid medicine. They said it was sent to the other pharmacy I use. I got on the phone and made SURE it was there. I asked how long it would take to switch it to them and refill it - the answer was too long for my grandmother to wait for. So I said okay just give the medicine to my grandmother and I'll get the other at the grocery store pharmacy later. Well, can you guess what the grocery store pharmacist said? I am sure you can. They said that there was no prescription for me. The request for that medicine was declined by the doctor. Which makes NO sense, since the doctor is the one who supposedly called it in. So I still don't have my medicine.
     I called this morning and left a message explaining the whole situation again. I wasn't the nicest, still respectful, but you could tell I was annoyed. I said twice what pharmacy I want it sent to and that I was very sick to my stomach because I have been without this medicine, this is not okay and it needs to be fixed asap.
     While I have been writing this my nurse called me back and apologized for all the mix up. She has called the medicine into the right pharmacy and if there is any problems I am to call her directly. Of course I have all of the children at my house so I can't go get it now but I'm grateful she got back to me so quick. I hope it's there so I can start it tomorrow.

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